10 Month Update! How Did We Get To Double Digits Already?!

10 Month Update! How Did We Get To Double Digits Already?!

So Sunday marked my not so little baby’s 10 month birthday! I can’t believe we’ve moved on to double digits and his birthday is so soon! How did that happen?! The last 10 months feel like such a blur!

We spent the day at his dadaji and dadijis and were joined by his Indy chacha (uncle), Mané Pooa (Aunti) and Jas fufar (uncle). Arjun had such a fun day and was in such brilliant spirits! We popped to the shops and spent the day playing with his grandparents and aunts and uncles. He kept everyone pretty entertained! We celebrated with a homemade “pizza cake” as that’s one of his favourite foods! He demolished it pretty quick!   


A little summary of his 10th month in this world …
New foods:
  • Butternut squash 
  • Ice cream – he loved it! 


  • Peanut butter
  • Brussels sprouts 
  • Paneer
  • First green smoothie

Arjun in a (large) nutshell this month:
  • He loves garlic bread and pizza bread (basically any kinda bread!) hence his pizza “cake”
  • He still has he cutest baby giggles

  • He loves his green skittle from Tiger
  • He loves playing with his toy lorries and cars 

  • He now thinks it’s funny to turn his plate upside down when it’s full of food
  • He understands what “no” means and now reacts to it with a mini tantrum!

  • He regularly keeps himself entertained by opening and closing our bedroom door
  • He loves to open drawers 
  • He has found the treats cupboard in the kitchen! 


  • He had his first experience of the park and swings and loved it!

  • He can stand for a split second unaided 
  • He can walk against furniture 
  • He has managed to climb up two stairs before I’ve stopped him – I’m not ready for a trip to A&E! 
  • He attended his First Nagar Kirtan
  • He now has a whole four teeth and looks like a cute little granddad when he chews his food using his front teeth
  • He loves to climb up on things


  • He loves to make music with his mouth
  • He loves to bang tables
  • He now communicates by using his hands – when he has a headache he holds his head and when he has an earache he pats his ears
  • He’s crawling super fast and I know it won’t be long before he’s walking!

  • He still loves babies


  • His main sounds at the moment are “dada” “baba” “yeh” .. I’m still waiting for the “mama”! 
  • As soon as he’s awake (before his eyes are even open), he’s standing up in his cot 
  • He still has separation anxiety when it comes to daddy! 
  • He had his first proper cold


Thanks for reading!x


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  1. 1

    Hey! I love ur blogs and u are an expectional writer. Very detailed.
    I have a 17 month year old girl and expecting another baby in a week! Fingers crossed this baby is not late and arrive on time not at week 41 like my little girl!
    If you dont mind could u share the pizza cake recipe not sure if you already have. I tend to struggle with lunch time or dinner time meal plans. I have read yor vege plan which is fantastic And been a great help.
    Will look forward to reading your next blog and by the way your fantastic with Arjun! His a real cutie!

    Payal xx
    Mummy to 17month Avani and expecting baby 2 on 4th May 15 xxx

  2. 2

    Hey Payal, thanks for stopping by and thank you for your kind words – really glad you’re enjoying the blog. Makes it worth it 🙂

    Oh wow!! I’m hoping you’ve had baby by now and you’re not over due! A fellow taurean the little one will be 🙂 I bet Avani is super excited to have a real life doll! I hope you have/had a smooth labour and both you and baby are well – I would love to hear from you x

    The pizza “cake” wasn’t really a cake. It was just pizza bread cut in to a 10 shape. So simple – wholemeal bread with a thin layer of tomato purée, finely chopped vegetables and cheddar cheese seasoned with oregano, basil and thyme and pop it in the grill for a few minutes. Arjun loves it. Not sure if you’re on Instagram but I often share simple food recipes on there (BabyBrainMemoirs).

    Look forward to hearing from you on the birth of your little one!xx

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