13 Things That Make Me Gag This Pregnancy … 

13 Things That Make Me Gag This Pregnancy … 

The list is endless but these are my top 13! 

1) Egg … there are no words

2) The smell of Indian cooking (I’m ok once it’s cooled down!)

3) Hospital bathrooms

4) The smell of bread – I’ve barfed in to my hands because of it! Gross right?!

5) Toothpaste and the awful metallic taste – even on people’s breath!

6) Cheesy Cheetos – they smell like my wet dog!

7) Broccoli – holy hell!

8) Anything cooking in the oven

9) Garlic – sad times given garlic bread was my favourite

10) Bleach – I’ve never been a fan but now i just can’t contain myself

11) The smell of Preetam’s car – the very air freshener I chose for it!

12) Brushing my teeth! Especially in the mornings..! 

13) Macaroni cheese – everything about it! 

What made you gag?x


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