14 Month Update … A Month Full of Quirky Antics and Hitting a Big Milestone! 

14 Month Update … A Month Full of Quirky Antics and Hitting a Big Milestone! 

A little late due to my Nana Ji’s passing, but better late than never! Here’s Arjun’s 14 month update. A month full of his quirky antics! 

  • He’s hit his biggest milestone yet … He’s now walking! … Running even! 


  • He has a new habit of grabbing any item of clothing and draping it around him or over his head. 



  • He has his first happy meal … Naughty mummy


  • He loves painting but has regular tantrums when told he can’t eat paint 


  • He loves to feed others and likes sharing his food in general 


  • He likes to play with building blocks 
  • He likes to eat with a fork but still hasn’t quite mastered using a spoon!

  • He gives cuddles on demand 
  • He loves playing prison kissies with me through the baby gate 


  • He got his first pair of proper shoes


  • We’ve had a rough week of teething as his molars are making an appearance 
  • He likes to comb his own hair


  • Had his first nursery summer fete
  • He says “Dada”, “Mama”, “Ba Ba” (bye bye)
  • We had our first proper experience of life with a walking toddler at the Gurdwara


  • He’s very sensitive to people leaving our house if they’ve come to visit – it’s usually pretty dramatic 
  • He loves pushing things around and rearranging furniture
  • He had his first summer fete


  • He likes to blow raspberries on my tummy! 
  • He hates the word “no” and has a tantrum any time it’s used! 
  • His favourite food is definitely raisins 
  • He likes popcorn


  • He weighs 12kg





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  1. 1

    Just catching up while I wait on an instrument to hurry up. Did you enjoy your first shoe shopping trip. BattleKid came away with 3 pairs! Definitely his mother’s son. And BattleKid hates no too! Is regularly saying “no mama” now to anything he doesn’t want!

  2. 2

    Aww! What a cutie! Arjun’s first shoe trip was a disaster actually – he was so clingy to his daddy and refused to try them on properly! We’re due another measure up soon! How often do you get BattleKid measured?xx

  3. 3

    Awww I loved reading this update. What a clever bunny. He sounds like a sensitive and loving soul. Are you run off your feet now he is walking? X

  4. 7

    Definitely but i love it so much! He’s currently rummaging through his socks drawer when he should be fast asleep! Lol x

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