15 Month Update … 

15 Month Update … 

15 months have whizzed by! It’s been a month full of Arjun’s crazy little antics. He never fails to entertain us! 

Here’s Arjun’s 15 month update: 

  • Since we lost our Papa Ji, Arjun will point to his picture and say “papa” – something he didn’t do before
  • He now says “mama” “nana” “lum” (yum) “Jeta” (our cleaners name) “Eeya” (his big sisters name is Jeeya)
  • His curly locks are long enough that we need to think of alternative hair styles


  • He gives flying kisses
  • He’s obsessed with shoes – his own and ours! He often grabs a random pair of shoes and brings them to us and walks us to the front door to tell us he wants to go out


  • He loves his tool bench – he places a bolt in thebench and knows to hammer it in


  • He lets us know when he’s hungry by pointing to his snacks
  • He passes me things if I point to them 
  • He’s a pro at tabla now – even knows how to tune it himself! 😂
  • He’s definitely testing boundaries and definitely tantruming a lot more! 
  • He tickles others  
  • He likes to climb 
  • His molars have come through 
  • He loves to go to the park 


  • He likes engaging in exercise – his squat form and ab rolling is on point! 
  • https://youtu.be/oePtspkJC_I

  • Tissues are still his favourite snack! 


    • He likes to sit on everything and anything! He has no concept of size or scale lol  


      • He claps in self praise (a lot!)
      • Says no in context 
      • He’s had Chicken pox


      • He loves getting socks out the drawer and faffs with his socks drawer almost daily. He’s crazy about socks in general! 


      • His favourite nursery rhyme is “row row your boat” and he now screams at the end of the song 
      • He’s crazy about the dogs and has a new found confidence in particular with Chico 
      • He prefers to push the buggy rather than sit in it! 


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        Hi I have to say I love you blog i can relate and it feels great to read through your posts,I’m a first time mum but far away from all my family who live in the states my son is 15months old we live in Windsor,I’m struggling on food ideas,what did your little one have when he was at that stage

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