21 Month & 22 Month Update 

21 Month & 22 Month Update 

I’ve been very sloppy with Arjun’s updates which I’m super annoyed at myself about (he turns 23 Months tomorrow!)! These posts along with my holiday posts always take the longest due to the number of pictures but that’s no excuse!! 

 I’ve used my “Mum’s One Line A Day” journal to recollect what happened when. 

He’s saying so many words, here are a few off the top of my head! 

  • “Yeeeah”
  • “Dada Ji”
  • “Masi”
  • “Nana Ji”
  • “Puba” (Pooa)
  • “Peppi” (Peppa) 
  • “Nani Ji”
  • “Dadi Ji”
  • “Chacha”
  • “Bath time”
  • “Arjy”
  • “Stop”
  • “Biji”
  • “Eww”
  • “Pouch”
  • “Bikit” (biscuit) 
  • “Bich” (pink)
  • “Poo poo” 
  • “Dirty”
  • “Baba Ji”
  • “Waheguru”
  • “Come”
  • “Doddles”
  • “Poco” (popcorn)
  • “Choco” (chocolate) 
  • “Juice”
  • “Mummy mine”
  • His body parts 
  • “Pees” (please) 
  • “Boccoli” (broccoli) 

Here’s what he got up to/an update in/on his 21st and 22nd month of life:


  • We celebrated my second Mother’s Day 


  • He’s constantly telling you to get “down” – he talks to everyone the same way he talks to Bruno!  
  • He’s obsessed with our cleaner Jeta – she’s a play buddy, feeder and sleeping partner to him! 
  • He loves to give cuddles (“doddles”)


  • He’s crazy about Bruno and loves to boss him around but has also learnt responsibility by feeding him 
  • He loves to be outdoors


  • He’s so helpful and passes the remote if you ask (heehee)
  • He’s obsessed with Peppa Pig 
  • He tried to use my hair straightener 🙄
  • He’s become quite the negotiator! 
  • Has a thing with daddy where they do orange squash shots every evening 
  • Tries to sing twinkle twinkle little star to put his daddy and I to sleep 
  • He tells you when he’s done poo
  • Going through a territorial phase of everything being “mine” 
  • They tell me at nursery he’s amazing and one of the children that shares and plays nicely (?!)
  • He can now walk up and down the stairs (but I’m too scared to let him unaided) 
  • He’s so helpful – he did seva at his nani’s kirtan by handing out spoons to everyone … And then he decided to use a spoon to start eating out of a random plate 😂
  • Tries to sing happy birthday 
  • He loves cars and motorbikes! He recognises mummy’s car and daddy’s car and associates motorbikes with his chacha and his daddy and will always say “daddy bike vroom vroom” “chacha bike vroom vroom” 
  • Loves snapchat filters! 


  • He had his first Easter egg hunt organised by his Masi 



  • Had his first meningitis B jab 
  • He had his first proper parents evening and his key worker was really proud of him. His favourite thing to do at nursery is to play with his two friends to put all the dolls and teddies to sleep and to pretend to cook in the home corner. 
  • He’s been a little unsettled at nursery recently as the staff in his room have changed. It’s so heartbreaking seeing him cry and scream for you. 
  • He closes his eyes and puts his hands together as soon as kirtan plays – he even made my dad and his teddy put their hands together and close their eyes to listen to Simran lol 
  • He calls himself Arjy 
  • Totally crazy about his big sister Shaan – they had a sleep over at ours and he wanted to sleep hugging her. They absolutely dote on each other. It’s adorable! 




  • He loves to play with his new shopping till 
  • If he hurts himself on anything, he tells whatever it is off by saying “naughty”
  • Funny how he can only distinguish between a cat sound and a pig sound … Thanks Peppa! 
  • First time alone at home without his daddy – it was heartbreaking seeing him cry when he saw Preetam on FaceTime – he kept trying to hug him! 
  • Issues pronouncing “pink”
  • We visited the park alone for the first time – this was a huge deal! 


  • We found out we’ve been shortlisted for the MAD Blog Awards 2016! If you haven’t already, you can vote for us here


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