23 Month Update..!

23 Month Update..!

I can’t believe next month I’ll be posting about his 2 year update. How did that happen?! Time just seems to be running away and I can’t seem to absorb each and every moment to its fullest! I wish I could freeze time – I love this age. He’s full of personality but still possess his innocence. He’s testing boundaries but constantly seeking reassurance too. I love him. 

Here’s Arjun’s 23 month update: 

Just a few of Arjuns new words: 

  • “Teddy” 
  • “Car vroom vroom”
  • “Bike vroom vroom”
  • “Come here”
  • “Dinsor” (dinosaur) 
  • “See you”
  • “Where’s daddy gone” (or whoever) 
  • “Bana” (banana)
  • “Sit down”
  • “Daddy taddy go” (ready steady go!)
  • “Chicken”
  • “Pizza” 
  • “Mummy miss you”
  • “Animals” 
  • “Mummy mine” 

    His latest antics: 


    • He had the best time visiting the BBC studios and even got his own little visitors badge


    • He’s tall enough to climb in to our bed which is pretty high! 
    • Has become a touch clingy to me (and I love it!) 


    • He loves Simran and kirtan – I find it amazing how he can distinguish between that and music

  • Arjun had his first newspaper features in Get West London and the Uxbridge Gazette for the MAD Blog Awards 

    • We celebrated my birthday 


    • He loved visiting the farm and feeding the animals 


      • He is full of crazy antics – I have no idea where he gets his big personality from! 
      • Tantrums are very frequent – any tips on how to deal with them would be much appreciated! 
      • His love for God often resorts me to tears

      • He did matha tekh at the gurdwara by himself for the first time


      • He often insists on picking his own shoes for nursery 😑


      • When I hand him his cloth at the gurdwara he knows to do seva and clean the Windows  
      • Dinner time feeding Peppa and her family doesn’t always go smoothly 


      • He took his teddy to football … 


      • He burnt his thumb on my straighteners and got a little blister 😖 
      • Leggings are to be worn on the head


      • He fell over at football and grazed his knees and kept trying to scrub it clean and saying “dirty” 
      • He had his first bus ride which he was ecstatic about – He managed to attract the attention of a bus driver by waving who then offered him a free little ride (accompanied by daddy obviously!) He’s obsessed with busses at the moment!


      • From going to the good kid at nursery, I’ve now been told that he’s the kid that runs off when it’s time for nappy change or meal time 
      • He loves to go to the park



      • He never fails to amuse me, his first “proper” sentence was “let’s have a biscuit” 
      • We were on Desi radio news for the MAD Blog awards
      • He got to meet his baby cousin – he loves baby and repeated “baby nice” while stroking him 
      • He had his meningitis B jab 


      • He absolutely loves to dance! 
      • He made my day today by brushing his own teeth! (Thanks to his Masi!) 

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