31 Things I’m Grateful for on My 31st Birthday

31 Things I’m Grateful for on My 31st Birthday

It’s crazy how a year has flown by. I remember this time last year sitting on the decking of our beautiful water villa watching the gorgeous sun rays bounce of the crystal blue sea in the Maldives as I wrote my 30 Things I’m Grateful for blog post to reflect on the year that had just passed. This years view is not too bad either – I’m so grateful that the gorgeous sun is shining!

It’s funny how birthdays have changed for me. Where before it’d be all about celebrating and making a fuss, now it’s about counting my blessings. A day for reflection. I feel like today should really be a celebration for my mum – she’s the one that gave birth to me and after Arjun’s birth, I’ve realised how much a mother goes through for her children.

Here’s my 31 things I’m grateful for (in no particular order) on my 31st birthday (OMG 31?! I still act 21!) …

1) My mum. There are no words. Becoming a mother myself has made me respect you so much more. It’s so crazy to think that you too once upon a time were a young girl embarking on the journey of motherhood with a baby, me. You too would have felt some of the emotions, the struggles but equally the joy a baby brings. I am eternally grateful to you mum – you are my strength in my daily life. I take so much reassurance from you. Thank you for your continuous prayers for all your children. I look up to you and hope I can be even half the mother you are to me, to Arjun.


2) My Arjun. You fill my heart with love and warmth everyday and although my early days were a struggle and I never felt that “connection” straight away, every single day my love grows for you. You’ve helped me develop so much as a person. Your patience through my struggles, your hand holding while jumping hurdles with me and your beautiful personality make me so proud and overwhelmed to call you mine. You are my knight in shining armour. 



3) My title, “Mother”. I’m honoured, blessed and eternally grateful to have the title. Especially to Arjun. I pray daily and hope that every woman that has a desire to, is blessed with the same.


4) My body. It may not be perfect, I may have stretch marks, a keloid scar, some excessive weight post baby, but I wouldn’t change it for the world. There is so much more to life than worrying about a little bit of extra weight. I am blessed with health. 

5) My Husband. For everything. You work so hard and put your heart and soul in to providing us with the most beautiful life. Arjun is incredibly lucky to have you as his father – one that dotes on him 24/7. There are no words. We are both eternally grateful to you. Thank you thank you thank you.



6) My best friends, my sisters. I am eternally grateful to you both. We may fight and scream but I am so grateful to have you both as second mothers to Arjun. What you have done for me, I will never be able to repay you for and I count my blessings every single day.


7) My soul sister, my big sister, Amrit. For riding through each and every stage of my life with me. I have never met someone that is so in sync with me. For holding my hand no matter what. For always being honest – even when it may hurt. For your patience. For riding my journey with me and letting me ride yours with you. For being an inspiration with your huge warm giving heart. I thank God for bringing Nake in to your life – a true gentleman who deserves you.


8) The weather. Thank you God for making it a sunny and happy day today. I’m grateful for the weather everyday. Although sometimes the rain may be an inconvenience for us humans, nature needs it. For that I am grateful.

9) Baby Brain Apparel. I’m so grateful to my customers, followers, my supporters and to God for blessing me with success.


10) My Mother in Law and Father in Law. For always getting me out of tight situations (haha!). For always dropping everything for us and for being so patient with Arjun. You are so inspirational to us in how much you do for others. We are blessed to have you.

11) Holidays. I am so grateful that we have been able to travel so much in the last year; Singapore, Bali, Abu Dhabi. We have been able to create so many beautiful memories as a family.


12) My best friend, my personality twin, Sav. For listening to the trivial things in life and letting me rant. For always being honest with me. For coming through for me when I feel stranded. For being who you are – often misunderstood like me but always doing your best to please others. For showering Arjun with so much love. I wish you all the happiness in the world. 



13) The Gurdwara. For being my safe haven. The place where I go to rebalance. The place that brings me peace.



14) My hero, my father. Thank you dad for your love and patience always. For your endless prayers. For your education on so many things in life – Sikhi, property, life, meditation. For being my daily inspiration to be cool and calm. I always tell your story about the match stick burning itself before setting fire to anything or anyone else. Thank you daddy for always dropping everything for us girls. We are so blessed to have you as our father, you have never held back in providing for us in the best way in your power at any given time.


15) Our house. I am so so grateful to have the house of our dreams at such a young age thanks to the almighty and Preetam’s hard work.

16) Sikhism. For providing me with a foundation to bring my son up with; to encourage him to share, work hard and remember God always. 



17) Kirtan. Not only does kirtan provide me with peace and is food for my soul. It has the same impact on Arjun. I am so grateful for that. It has helped me get through life and I hope it does the same for him.

18) Social media. For enabling our journey to reach thousands and help others each month through facebook, instagram and Twitter. For helping the growth of my business.

19) My sister in law, Mané and brother in laws. We have so much fun together. I’m so grateful that I was blessed with such a fun loving family who also shares my love for food! Haha! 

20) My friends. The friends I don’t get to speak to often but I know we pick up where we left from. I am grateful to each and every one of my girlfriends – you each bring something so unique and beautiful in to my life.

21) Our extension. I am grateful that it will be starting soon and we will have a dining table.

22) My blogging besties. Especially Rod  for all your support and encouragement always! And Jenny for just being you. 

23) Peppa Pig. I never thought you’d make my final cut but actually, you’ve taught my son some good things (as well as some not so good things!) but you also baby sit my son when I need five minute of me time. Thank you. Oink.


24) Water. For always quenching my thirst.

25) My NCT friends. For being my safe place to talk about everything and anything. For the love and understanding you’ve provided me when things haven’t always been great. We’re a unique bunch and our bond will last forever I hope!

26) My Nani, Masis and Mami Ji. For showering Arjun with nothing but love always. He’s so blessed to have not 1, but 6 Nanis as well as a great grandma. 



27) Arjun’s cousins. I’m so grateful that he has so many little cousin siblings to grow up with. Each and everyone of them fill my heart with so much joy.



28) My wonderful loving followers. Many of which have become like an ever growing virtual family. I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you that has taken out the time to read my posts, like our pictures, message me, introduce yourselves to us if you’ve ever spotted us and for always supporting us. We love you all so much. 

29) Nutella. Just because.

30) For being shortlisted as a finalist in the “Best Preschool” blog category out of over 8,000 blogs. I am so grateful to every single one of you that nominated me. If you’d like us to be in with a chance to win, you can vote at the bottom of this blog post.   It would be an honour to win. 


31) To God. For all of the above. For everything. For blessing me, my family and my friends with so much happiness over the last year. For always doing things at the right time.

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Thank you thank you thank you!
I’m off to celebrate baby free with my husband now!x 


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    Privileged to have made one of the headlines for this post. I love the way your top 31 ranges from something as simple as water to those who matter the most. All encompassing and giving importance to the simple things in life. Happy birthday Garps, wishing you many more years of blogging fun x

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