8 Ways to Make Life Easier When Hosting A Dinner Party

8 Ways to Make Life Easier When Hosting A Dinner Party

Christmas is one of my most favourite times of the year but with so many get togethers and also hosting Christmas Day, things can get a little stressful! Here are my 8 tips on how to make your life easier at Christmas and dinner parties in general:

1) Prepare as much of the food you can the day before – We par boiled the roast potatoes, prepared the pie and prepped the Quorn roast the night before.

2) Buy pre prepared stuff – I’m not always a fan of pre prepared food items but to make my life easier, last year we bought a soykey that was already prepared from Vegustos.

3) Aluminium trays – always great as it saves on the washing and they often come in larger sizes which are good for larger gatherings.

4) Make sure the dishwasher is empty before your guests arrive so it’s quick and easy to load dirty dishes.

5) Set the table the night before.

6) Use a disposable table cover – you get some really pretty ones that can also be thrown away straight after – saves additional clearing up!

7) Keep take away containers! Sometimes left overs are a nightmare to deal with, keep take away containers to share the leftovers with your guests – sharing is a great way to not pile on even more Christmas pounds!

8) Make a list! Last year, I had a clear list of order in which to cook dishes. It really helped and also meant all the food finished cooking at around the same time.

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