Aquafit at Heston Pools and Fitness

Aquafit at Heston Pools and Fitness

I hadn’t been to Heston pool since primary school days where I’d try and dodge swimming lessons like the plague!

I had a quick browse of the Fusion Lifestyle website prior to visiting and I was instantly wowed by how different it looked to school days! The website was really user friendly. 

It definitely brought back memories going back to Heston pool although I could’ve been somewhere completely different! The place has been totally revamped and looks so swanky. I was so impressed by the soft play facilities, outdoor play area and new pool and changing facilities. The place has been given a modern make over and it’s really refreshing.

I’d been invited to come and review an Aquafit class. Something I’d not tried before! For those of you that don’t know, Aquafit is basically like aerobics in the water. I was looking forward to trying something different and exercising – something I’ve definitely not done enough of since falling pregnant. The thought of exercising in the water was appealing – I’d hoped the water would provide extra support and also an element of relaxation too.

Here’s my review:

Parking: the parking facilities at Heston Leisure centre are really good. There’s a large car park with ample parking and although it was busy due to school holidays, I still managed to find a space. And it’s free!

Reception friendliness: reception was a little chaotic as there were lots of children about and parents trying to book classes however there were enough staff to tend to customers swiftly. All the staff I encountered were very friendly and so helpful.

The decor is fresh and bright with floor to ceiling windows and grey and white tones for decor.

Changing facilities: It seemed like the changing rooms are cleaned frequently. There was little to no hair on the floor – a huge pet peeve of mine! There are ample lockers with larger and smaller ones available for a refundable £1. There were five showers and cubicles to get changed in. The decor is modern and everything felt new. despite it being busy due to the school holidays, the changing rooms were not over packed.

The pool: Pre warning, there were lots of children on the other side of the pool due to the holidays and it was quite noisy however there is a barrier separating the class from the common pool area.

The pool itself was very clean and the temperature was warm. The floor to ceiling windows and sky lights let in plenty of light.

There was quite a bit of hair present on the floor outside of the pool which was a little off putting but this may have been due to how busy it was.

Teacher & the class: As mentioned, I’ve never actually attended an Aquafit class before – I was looking forward to trying something new. I figured the water would help relax my tummy muscles as I’ve been in so much pain due to my internal c section scar from when I had Arjun.

We arrived a little before 12 and were told to have a quick splash before the instructor arrived who was running 5 minutes late. She ended up being 15 minutes late as she was covering another class but to be honest it was nice to be able to relax in the pool before the class began and I’m not sure I would’ve lasted the whole hour had she arrived on time! Ha!

The name of the instructor was Janette. She was a lovely warm and bubbly personality who was really considerate of everyone’s varying ability and condition. I’ve been to classes in the past where the instructor has been pretty aggressive and pulled people up in the middle of the class. She was a lot warmer and encouraging and offered varying methods of a particular exercise for those that can/can’t swim or those that found a particular exercise difficult.

There were about 11 ladies in the class in total which was a great number as we were spread out evenly. Everyone was really warm and friendly.

The water was about chest high and although I’m not a strong swimmer I felt pretty safe just in case I did take a tumble with the three lifeguards on standby!

I really enjoyed my first Aquafit class – even in my pregnant state I was able to keep up with most exercises although perhaps not as vigorously as my non pregnant state could! My favourite exercise was the tricep dip/back exercise using water weights. It helped stretch out my upper back too which really helped with tension that had built up in my shoulders. The water provided great resistance while also providing support.
The exercises included working out all parts of the body. 

After coming out of the pool, my legs felt like jelly which is always a sign of a good work out! I slept really well that night.

Would I go back? Definitely!

If you’re interested in attending aquafit at Heston Pool, it’s every Friday from 12-1pm!

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post either in the form of remuneration or a free product being sent to us for review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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