Arj’s 17 Month Update … The Month of Slopes and Stairs!

Arj’s 17 Month Update … The Month of Slopes and Stairs!

My goodness, I can’t believe my angel is almost a year and a half. Having a child really makes you appreciate how fast life whizzes by and how precious time is! 

Here’s his 17 month update: 


  • He visited his fourth country outside of home – Bali


  • He now mimics – even your tone and voice volume – if you whisper, he whispers! If you scream, he screams! If you roar, he roars!

  • He tried his first Oreo … It was love at first bite
  • He has now found a new love for water and was confident enough to jump in when in Bali (in to daddy’s arms)

  • He loves to wear everyone else’s shoes


  • He’s full of quirky antics and often has a tantrum if he doesn’t get his own way! 



  • He copies everything like blowing on hot food to cool it down
  • He loves climbing up stairs!


  • … And ladders! 


  • He loves to kick a ball about
  • He says “hiya”
  • His favourite toy this month is a very real looking Lizard toy! 


  • He’s lost his appetite since chicken pox 🙁 
  • He likes to dance to Mickey Mouse hot dog
  • He likes broccoli
  • He likes to “fix” things


  • He hates anything on his feet
  • He amazes me daily – for example he knows to swap his tooth brush from one hand to the other when we get him dressed to slip his arm in to his sleeve and then swaps hands for the other arm. 
  • He understands to throw rubbish in the bin 
  • We launched Baby Brain Apparel 🙂


  • He puts things back when he helps himself to a snack 


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