Arjun vs Mummy!

Arjun vs Mummy!

So the last few days have been pretty interesting (and tiring) in our household!

Arjun has suddenly decided to go exploring with no holding back whatsoever.

Not going to lie, I’ve struggled! With being back from holiday and alone with him again and this sudden upsurge in energy on his part and the sudden drain of energy on mine, it’s been exhausting!

I love that his personality is developing, but he’s a typical boy! I miss the days where I could put him in one place and know he’d stay put! But I also love seeing his quirkiness as tiring as it is.

Some of his little mishaps/accidents!:

“Let me quickly get in a little cardio session by climbing up the stairs when mummy’s in the conservatory grabbing the washing” Scary as he is now able to climb. Stair gate should hopefully be delivered today!


The jumperoo is now a tent because bouncing got kinda boring! It’s too low for him to sit upright so he sits under it cowered. Great for posture! He also thinks it’s lots of fun to swing the jumperoo over his head from side to side – great fun till it smacks him in the face!


“The oven seems pretty cool – mummy’s always rattling around it. Wow touching it when it’s on is actually fun. My fingers feel tingly. Let me touch again!” Thankfully a baby gate to separate our open plan kitchen also arrives today.

The dishwasher seems like heaps of fun (let’s hope that’s something that doesn’t change because I could do with a dish loader when he’s able to stand haha), till you manage to pull open the door (have you seen his guns?!) and fall flat on your back with the door open on top of you. Ouch!

“Let me help mummy sort my weaning bibs out” – great going Arj!


“Throwing food off the highchair is soo fun. Watching mummy have to pick it all up is even more fun!”

The walker is boring too now, climbing up on it is so much more fun! Till the whole thing flings back on top of you – then it’s not so fun.


“Banging my sippy cup on my highchair table is magic – it sprays out water so instead of eating I’ll put on a magic show for mummy instead. I know she’ll love it!”

“Woohoo look at me I can stand in my bathtub with no hands” – great Arj till you slip and hurt yourself!

“Mummy I think you need a head massage” so soft handed Arj .. Not!

“Let me just check if daddy is back from work yet. It’s been five minutes since I last checked”


“Food totally resembles shampoo so let me recreate my own Herbal Essences commercial”

Climbing up on his mini chair is his favourite thing – not so great when id deliberately (maybe stupidly) put a coffee table behind it to stop it from toppling back but he toppled back anyway and hit his face in to it and ended up with a bruised eye 🙁


… I guess this is a small sign of what’s to come?! Help!!!!


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    Oh my gosh!! I know I shouldn’t be laughing but reading this is making me laugh out loud, my son is doing all of the above too, so I know exactly how tired you must be right now. His favourite activity right now is to open any drawer/cupboard and throw the contents on the floor or his foot, ouch!

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    Lol, it is pretty comical (when I’m not tired!). Aww, Arjun does the same! Waiting for that horrible day when he gets his fingers trapped! How old is your little one now?xx

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