Arjun’s 11 Month Update … A Month a Full of Bruises and Tumbles!

Arjun’s 11 Month Update … A Month a Full of Bruises and Tumbles!

Wow! 11 months! How did that happen? 
I cannot believe that this time next month, Arjun will be a year. I’m really struggling to absorb that. My terrible memory means that everything just feels like a big fat blur! I have one month left till he’s a little toddler! 

We celebrated with a (or two to make an “11”) homemade cookie crumble “sundae” which I made using baby rusks, hipp chocolate mousse and Heinz baby custard. We helped Arjun eat it – It tasted yum!

A little update on Arjun’s month: 


  • He has thick curly locks which are so long now that I have to pin them back! 
  • He’s obsessed with finding tissue/paper and eating it! 
  • He has a new squinty smile where he scrunches his nose and he also has a new duck face that he does


  • You can now give him a whole piece of food (e.g slice of toast) and he’ll break bits off to eat himself 
  • His first time in the sea


  • He’s had his 8th flight


  • He climbed a full flight of stairs 
  • He said mama (once!) 
  • First black eye from toppling over and banging in to coffee table 
  • Managed to open dishwasher door on to himself. You can see some more of his mishaps here.  
  • He loves ice cream 

  • He cries when he sees/hears a baby cry
  • He’s very inquisitive 
  • He stands up in bath with no hands 
  • His favourite toys are his toy cars, trucks and tortoise 
  • He now picks his own toys 


  • He’s obsessed with the bathroom and if he ever goes missing that’s usually where you’ll find him!  


  • He now hands you things (when he feels like it)
  • He co-slept for 3 weeks out of the 4 in his 10th-11th month. 
  • Had Mummy’s first birthday with him here 
  • Shakes his head to say no

  • Can walk across the living room with a walker
  • Been on his first ride at Willow’s Farm and loved it


  • He loves Bob the Builder but not as much as Mickey Mouse
  • He loves his new JCB tractor 


  • He has 6 teeth!
  • He loves to get involved in absolutely everything – border line nosey! 


He now feeds others his food and drink 

Some of the new foods he has tried this month include: 

  • Coconut water
  • Pumpkin
  • Celeriac 
  • Chocolate
  • Rusks
  • Cauliflower base pizza 

Next months update will be a whole whirlwind of emotions no doubt! Thanks for reading x

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