Arjun’s Birthday Part 2: Birthday Blessings

Arjun’s Birthday Part 2: Birthday Blessings

Hello all, 

An update on Arjun’s birthday celebrations part 2 (technically part 1!). We decided to keep a kirtan for Arjun’s birthday a few days before his birthday as I wanted it done before his first day at nursery and also before his party – almost like a pre birthday blessing. I wanted to thank the almighty for absolutely everything – even the challenging times for making me stronger and also getting me through those times. 

We had a kirtan (religious hymn ceremony) the week before his party at Havelock Road Gurdwara. 
Since Arjun was born, it was my wish to have Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji do kirtan on his first birthday. I felt so so grateful to God for granting us with that wish. Bhai Sahib has been like a family member for over ten years and has ridden through some tough times with us – by some miracle, they happened to be driving past when my mum and I had our car accident in India and if it wasn’t for them, I may not have made it to the hospital in time. 

They do the most emotion evoking kirtan and they are definitely one of the most spiritual and blessed souls I know so we were so grateful that they ensured they were here for Arjun.  Kirtan is food for my soul. 


It all felt really surreal – I couldn’t believe I have a baby, let alone one that’s about to turn one. 

The kirtan was beautiful and the atmosphere was buzzing. It was really overwhelming to see Arjun showered with so much love by our friends and family that were there. 
Arjun enjoyed playing with everyone – he is generally happy when we are at the a Gurdwara. He spent most of the evening saying “satsriakal” (hello) to everyone by putting his hands together. 

You can hear a full recording of the kirtan here

An update on Arjun’s party to follow soon x   

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