Arjun’s First Birthday Jungle Party … The Cake

Arjun’s First Birthday Jungle Party … The Cake

Hello all, 

I hope you enjoyed yesterday’s post on our homemade outfits

Today I wanted to share with you pictures of Arjun’s amazing cake! 

Tranam at Rozay Cakes is my go to girl for all my cakes. She’s amazing and always goes that extra mile to ensure she delivers. She is genuinely interested in your event and ensuring her creation meets if not exceeds your expectations. 

When I met Tranam to discuss the cake, I knew what I wanted overall but didn’t have many ideas for the detail. She was brilliant at throwing ideas my way and suggesting what we could do. 
In the end we went for a three tiered cake which consisted of three different flavoured cakes to cater to everyone’s tastes – a vanilla sponge with Oreo filling, a vanilla sponge with strawberry jam and cream filling and a chocolate sponge with chocolate filling. All three were absolutely divine. Her cakes are moist and fluffy and the fillings are delicious. I struggle to decide on which is my favourite. 

I knew I wanted all three tiers to be bought together somehow and we decided on linking them with a waterfall which ran all the way from the top to the bottom. 

The top tier was designed to look like a mountain range with small trees and rocks on it. The waterfall began here. It even had floating clouds on it (the Baby Brain Memoirs signature) – how’s that for detail! 


The second tier was designed to have a jungle and foliage feel with lots of trees and greenery. There were also cute 3D animals dotted around in the wild. The “king of the jungle” lion candle was placed on this tier. 

The third tier was predominantly a lake with animals swimming in it surrounded by trees and rocks in the background. 


I was absolutely blown away with the cake. It was EXACTLY what I wanted and more. It looked amazing!


I’d also opted for some jungle themed cupcakes for the children as they’d be easier to eat. 

Would love to hear your thoughts on the cake!x
You can check out Rozay Cakes’ Instagram page here


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