Arjun’s First Birthday Jungle Party … The Entertainment

Arjun’s First Birthday Jungle Party … The Entertainment

Hello all, 

I’ve already covered the decor, the outfits and the cake updates from Arjun’s first birthday and now here’s the next update – the entertainment! 


Given the volume of guests we had coming, I wanted to make sure everyone had a fun filled day – that and I do get a little carried away but each to their own right?! This was the first time I was organising a party at this scale without it being a proper DJ boogey party (although we did have a DJ – thanks Asa!). But I think it’s safe to say, there was no shortage of entertainment for both the kids and adults!


As it was a jungle themed party, and because Arjun loves animals, I thought it would be a good idea to hire a petting farm. I didn’t think arranging a herd of elephants and wild lions was such a good idea so farm animals it was! We had rabbits, guinea pigs, an owl, a macaw, meerkats, a pony in a giraffe costume and Arjun’s favourite animal – tortoise! Arjun LOVED stroking and watching the animals. The poor tortoise was slightly terrorised by him though! He was fascinated by his eyes and mouth. This was definitely Arjun’s favourite part of the day. The other kids and adults also had a great time interacting with the animals.






I’d also hired a jungle themed bouncy assault course – I think the adults had just as much fun if not more than the kids! I loved the colours and decor on this assault course as it fitted in so well with our theme. I thought it would be a little more fun than just a normal bouncy castle. It went down really well – from the grandparents to the aunts and uncles to the kids and thankfully there were no casualties!




For the babies and toddlers, we’d also hired soft play and a play zone which consisted of a little slide, a ball pit and a bouncy bed. Arjun enjoyed playing on this especially towards the end. The other kids were fascinated by the floating balls on the blower cones! We hired this from Castle Kingdom Hire.




 We hired the lovely Hilda from Mini Maniacs as our entertainer who dressed up as a safari ranger and bought along two of her assistants. When I first booked this I was a little worried that I’d done too much – after all, kids just want to run around! But this turned out to be brilliant! Even the older children had such a blast. Hilda provided a 40 minute session filled with sensory, music, bubbles and lots of energy! The children absolutely loved her and I’m so glad we booked her.




We had a face painter who was brilliant and balloon modeller who went around creating animals for all the children. I also had photo props scattered around to get some cute pictures as a memory of the day.





Food wise, we also had a slush puppy, hot dog and crepe and waffle stall! I of course opted for a Nutella crepe! We also had an ice cream van where you could make your own if you wanted to – which was just as exciting for the adults as it was for the kids!








Of course the grandmummies weren’t going to go without a little boogie! 

All in all, there was a continued flurry of excitement when the kids and adults alike discovered each aspect of the party and it made it so worthwhile! What an added bonus to my little boy having a great time too!

Next post to follow: The Food x

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  1. 6
    Jacqueline AKA Crazy Quirky Mom

    How awesome that everyone dressed up and got into the theme! Those palm trees are to die for! I tend to go over board with themes sometimes so I deff get that urge to make it spectacular and you surely did without a doubt! #wineandboobs

  2. 8
    Emma's Mamma

    This party looks amazing! I read about all the yummy food yesterday as well. Your little prince is one lucky birthday boy! I bet he had the best time ever! x #wineboobs

  3. 11

    Thank you Jacqueline! I was so glad most people got involved with the fancy dress. Haha! I can totally relate! I always get carried away x

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