Arjun’s First Birthday Jungle Party … The Party Bags/Favours

Arjun’s First Birthday Jungle Party … The Party Bags/Favours

 Hello All! 

Welcome to my final post in the “Arjun’s first jungle themed party” series – “The Party Bags/Favours”. 

Indian tradition dictates that you generally give something sweet on a happy occasion to your guests. I decided to do something extra special and worked with Chas at Barfia to come up with something that would fit our theme. We decided on animal print barfi with exotic flavours such as mango and passion fruit. The barfi looked amazing and we received so many great messages on them. The boxes were personalised with ribbon that said “Thank you for celebrating my 1st birthday with me”.  My personal favourite barfia flavour is definitely the black forest gateau!



I’ve always been excited to put together party bags for when I had a baby so now that it was my chance, the party bags had to be perfect (or close to!). I wanted most things included to be jungle themed.


I decided on animal shaped party boxes which I purchased from here.




Arjun and I did the party bags together – he was super helpful by grabbing all the toys he could and throwing them through the banister and on to the stairs! We had lots of fun together and I smile when I think about the build up to his party as we shared so many special moments through it. I’m glad we did as I generally have the tendency to get myself in a panic and a bit of a rut, but giving myself ample time meant we really enjoyed it together.



I ensured every party bag included an animal mug as a keepsake. I didn’t want to just include toys that would eventually get lost, I wanted to give all the children something they could use and keep for a while. I loved these mugs – you can purchase them from here.



Other bits I included were:


  • Squeaky toy for the smaller babies
  • Ella’s kitchen pouch for the smaller babies
  • Animal spring upsEdit for the older children












I also included personalised stickers on each party bag with a thank you message signed from Arjun. I purchased these from here.



Thank you so much for taking the time to read my party posts. I really appreciate all the kind message I’ve received in response! I’m so glad you liked what we did x 

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