Arjun’s First Birthday Part 1 & 1 Year Update!

Arjun’s First Birthday Part 1 & 1 Year Update!

Hello all, 

I can’t believe a year has flown by. It feels like only yesterday I was super excited to go in to labour and have my baby.. A year on and it still feels surreal. I still can’t believe I’m a mum. I have a little dependent now. It doesn’t feel real. 


He’s my heart and soul and has kept me going despite the lows on my rollercoaster of emotions with motherhood. He’s my biggest blessing. He’s taught me patience (sort of!), he’s taught me to be less selfish (I only share my food with him!) and he’s taught me that I can love like I never imagined.

I feel eternally blessed and grateful to God for everything. I survived a year of mummyhood – go me!! It feels like a huge milestone. I can’t believe I’ve taken care of Arjun for 21 months (9+12). I never thought I’d be able to do it. But to be fair, I couldn’t have done it without Preetam and without my sisters who have been such a strong pillar of support. 

It’s been quite frustrating as my memory feels like it’s totally been wiped in large chunks, but I’m so thankful for my blogging journey as it allows me to reflect back on the last six months of Arjuns life. I just wish I’d started it earlier. The last year has flashed by and it’s made me realise how quick time flies and how I really need to learn to live in the moment more. 

My confidence of knowing what Arjun wants has definitely grown. He’s still strongly daddy’s boy but mummy definitely knows best! I remember when people used to say to me “you’ll just know” or “mummy always knows” and I used to feel panicked during the early stages of motherhood as I didn’t know why he was crying. I felt like I was failing or like something was wrong but over time I’ve definitely gotten to know him inside out. I know when he’s tired, when he’s hungry, when he’s in pain or when he just wants a cuddle. I feel more confident now than I ever have though I still have a lot to work on! 

For his actual birthday, the night before I had decorated the living room with Mickey Mouse scene setters and balloons (thanks Goov!) as he loves Mickey at the moment! I was super excited for him! 


We bought him a Mercedes AMG remote control car (daddy’s idea!) which he can also drive himself when he’s older. 

When Arjun woke up, we took him downstairs and he was fascinated by the decor. He investigated his new ride while daddy prepared birthday breakfast crepes.

After that, Arjun played some more with his car and we played peekaboo before he fell asleep pretty quickly for a nap. I also fell asleep with him! I think all that excitement had caught up with me too. I woke shortly before him so showered and got ready. 

When he woke, we all went to the gurdwara to thank the almighty for everything. Walking up to Maharaj (Sri Guru Granth Sahib – Sikh holy scriptures and our current guru), I had a flashback of the first time I came to the gurdwara after having had Arjun. It was a few days after he was born and I remember being in excruciating pain. I almost fainted while they did the ardas (prayer) then. And look at us now! I only get the odd pull but otherwise I feel pretty “normal”. Arjun was tiny back then. It’s hard to believe he’s grown so fast. I’m so proud of the loving little boy he is. 

Throwback – Arjun’s first ever trip to the Gurdwara


Throwback – Arjun’s first ever trip to the Gurdwara


Arjun enjoyed all the attention he got from the Giani Jis (priests) who all seemed to know it was his birthday and gave him lots of blessings. 

When we got home, we took Arjun in the garden to test out his new ride. It was so cute watching his excited face as his daddy rode him around the garden. I’m pretty sure he was convinced that he was driving the car himself haha! He looked so cute driving like a boss with one hand on the steering wheel and one arm leaning against the door. 

While playing in the garden, we received a surprise visit from Arjun’s cousin Shaan. He was ecstatic to see her and had fun playing in his car with her. He then opened his gifts from her which included a Mickey Mouse golf set. He found it absolutely hilarious watching her knock golf balls with her club. It was adorable. 

After that, Arjun had a quick nap during which time I carved a watermelon basket (in to a hippo head) for his party. I then prepared dinner for the evening (pizza, salad and garlic bread) where we were going to be joined by our immediate family to celebrate. 


Arjun had a lovely time opening all his gifts. He was absolutely spoilt rotten by his Dada Dadi, Nana Nani, Chacha Ji, Pua and Fufar Ji and Masis. He received his very first motorbike from chacha, a motorbike rocker from his Pua and Fufar and a whole new wardrobe and slide (to name a few!) from his Masis. He also got a mini tabla (Indian drums) from my parents which he is obsessed with! 
He’s so blessed to have such loving family surrounding him who all absolutely adore him. 
We cut his Mickey Mouse cake, had dinner (all his fave carby foods!) and he played till quite late. It was such a lovely evening with our closest. 












Before bed, we managed to get Arjun’s footprint on canvas. I want to do that every year on his birthday so we can see how much he’s grown! 


The night ended with Preetam showing Arjun the card he’d made for him. If you think I’m a sucker for crafts, Preetam definitely outdid me lol. He waited till the evening as he’d made a cut out Mickey Mouse card which created a Mickey silhouette on our bare bedroom wall when light is shone through. Arjun was really fascinated watching Mickey shrink and expand! 


We had a perfect day celebrating. We didn’t do anything too fussy – we just wanted a chilled out family day. 

An update on Arjun’s 12th month in this world!: 

  • He can walk against furniture pretty fast and often one handed
  • He waves bye bye
  • He stands for 5/6 seconds unaided


  • He can climb down the stairs (back to front)
  • He puts his hands together to say satsriakal (hello in Punjabi) 
  • He understands words like “dudoo/milk” “paani/water” 
  • He’s started settling in sessions at nursery 


  • He loves his JCB ride along truck – he loves to place his ball pit balls in to the dumper and then spill them out 


  • He now walks if you hold his hand and is becoming more and more confident 

  • His favourite book is “That’s not my Tractor” 
  • He loves his tent and often goes in there to escape the crazy in our house


  • He loves playing with his sensory balls and any other ball for that matter! 
  • He used his paddling pool for first time 


  • He plays peekaboo

  • He knows where his nose is 

    • He’s now off the bottle completely and uses a straw cup for water and a beaker for milk 


    • He knows how to high 5
    • He loves to play with sand and water 


    • We had our fourth holiday to Norfolk with our siblings and Arjun loved it


    • His new favourite nursery rhyme is “who’s that hiding underneath the hat” 
    • He loves playing his tabla (Indian drum) 
    • He loves playing with older children


    • He loves to watch Mickey Mouse and the Simpsons 
    • Had his first poo accident in the bath! 
    • He tries to put you to sleep

    • Had his first Father’s Day 
    • Some of the new foods he’s tried are raisins, Quorn sausages and tofu 
    • Enjoyed cake properly for the first time at his cake smash


      Summary of his 1st year: 

      • His first word was “Dada”
      • He has the most contagious laugh

      • He crawled at 8 months 

      • Has had two terms of swimming lessons 

      • First tooth at 7 months 
      • First holiday at 4.5 months 
      • He’s been on eight flights 


      • We began our weaning journey at 4.5 months 
      • He has 6 teeth 
      • He’s 82cms tall
      • He’s been on four holidays including Dubai twice and the Maldives and Norfolk in his first year of life 



        • He stood alone at 11 months 
        • Celebrated his first Christmas with his own Winter Wonderland 


        • Shakes his head to say no 

        • Baby TV served me well between 3-8 months and then Arjun discovered Mickey who we haven’t been able to get rid of since! 
        • We celebrated Lohri for Arjun 
        • Absolutely crazy about his dad – still has separation anxiety


        • Celebrated his first Vaisakhi and went to his first Nagar Kirtan


        • He’s attended four weddings in his first year


        • He’s crazy about dogs and all animals 


        • His favourite foods are crepes, baked beans and cheese as well as anything bread based! 
        • Had his first rakhri



        We celebrated his birthday with all our family and friends with a jungle themed first birthday party which I can’t wait to share with you all!x 

        It’s been an emotional journey and I feel overwhelmed when I think about it all. But I am also looking forward to embracing toddlerhood and I’m excited for the next stage when Arjun starts to walk and talk. Tomorrow is the start of a new journey – I’m back at work and Arjun has his first full day at nursery. I’m feeling positive x 

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        1. 1

          Yay, I was hoping you’d do a birthday update! Lucky Arjun, sounds like you made his day very special 🙂 Happy Birthday gorgeous boy! X

        2. 2

          What a perfect first birthday for your little boy! Honestly he’s grown so much- these next few months he’ll slowly turn into a little boy and it’s amazing to see. The last 6 months have absolutely whizzed by and everything slowly became easier after William turned one. Big Happy Birthday Arjun! xxx

        3. 3

          Wow looked like he has had a wonderful 1st year and a wonderful birthday – what an amazing present that car is for a one year old boy! Birthdays are a lovely point of reflection aren’t they? Thanks for linking up to #wineandboobs.

        4. 4
          Absolutely Prabulous

          Never filled in a single one of the umpteen baby books I was given. Sure wish blogging was around when I had my first in 2004! Lovely to see a fellow Punjabi blogging. Go you! #wineandboobs

        5. 6

          Hey Hun, thank you x I know, it’s crazy! I do feel like things are getting a little easier (fingers crossed!), he’s becoming his own little person. It’s so fascinating!! x

        6. 9

          Wowie!!! What an amazing first birthday. Absolutely love the giggling video and the cake smash picture. He’s one very lucky little boy. Do you mind if I ask where you got his car from? My dad wants to buy one for S, do you think it’s big enough for a 3 year old? He’s quite tall x

        7. 11

          Hey Hun, it’s such a fab ride! Arjun loves it. I’ll get the details from my hubby and let you know xx

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