Baby Brain Memoirs (Inc Arjy) on BBC Asian Network with The Real Nihal

Baby Brain Memoirs (Inc Arjy) on BBC Asian Network with The Real Nihal

Today I was invited to the BBC Asian Network for our first ever radio interview with The Real Nihal. 
I was so nervous on the build up to it – what if I said something wrong? What if I had mental block? What if I sounded silly? 
Wow oh wow, I’m totally blown away by the response we’ve had! It was such a brilliant experience and we all had so much fun as well as raising awareness on such important issues such as Post Natal Depression. Arjy even shared his baby babble opinion – he was definitely a star 😉  

Nihal totally put me at ease and was such a lovely guy. He totally showered Arjun with lots of love. 

I feel so humbled and blessed for the opportunity and the response we’ve had from the blog and the interview. It’s always extremely nerve wracking opening up your life to the world but as I said in my interview, I’m glad the blog has ended up serving a far greater purpose than I first intended – just a journal for me! So much love to you all x
Here are some pictures of our day along with a link to the interview which will be live for the next 28 days. 




You can hear the recording here from 2hr 42m. 

A HUGE HUGE thank you to my family, friends. And a special shoutout to my beautiful followers for all your support always, for sharing your journey with me and for helping me through mine! A big thank you for those that texted in xx

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    Tina Chummun

    I’ve just listened to your recorded radio interview with Nihal on the BBC Asian Network. It was lovely hearing you and Arjun. I really admire and respect your commitment, honesty and integrity with making Baby Brain Memoirs a huge success. The real beauty is you don’t even know how good you are! We need more people like you in this world who are courageous enough to make a real honest stand in a society where it’s easy to hide our true feelings and distress. I am a Marketing Consultant and a Psychotherapist, and I’ve been recommending your blog to everyone I know including my psychotherapy clients. You can find details about me here and I am always willing to help anyone I can. I’m all for making emotional intelligence a priority in our lives.

    Sincere well done to you Harps…you and Arjun are beautifully brilliant! 😊😍😘

  2. 2

    Thank you so much Tina, your words always fill me confidence and warmth. Thank you for sharing your details for others that may need help xx

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