Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 10th April 2015

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 10th April 2015

Hello all!

Hope you’re had a fabulous week and made the most of this stunning weather!

This week was quite relaxing and we managed to get in some outdoors fun too – though not as much as I’d hoped for!

Arjun had his first trip to the park this week with his Nanaji and Harv masi and I later joined them.  It was the park that my dad used to take us girls to when we were little so there must have been a moment of nostalgia for my dad.  Arjun loved being at the park and was so excited by all the children around him that were shrieking with excitement running from the swings to the slides to the climbing frame – soon that’ll be him!

Arjun caught some rays whilst having his first taste of ice cream – he was a little unsure at first but quickly took to it (surprise surprise!). He made sure he let us know how upset he was when we took it away from him. Haha!

  FullSizeRender[2] FullSizeRender[4]

After ice cream, we took Arjun on the swings – his little laugh and reaction was soo cute! He’s been on a swing before at Snakes & Ladders but this was his first time going on one outdoors and for some reason his reaction was a lot more animated outdoors!

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Overall he had a lovely day with his Nanaji and Masi and fell asleep on the way back to their house in his buggy.

Arjun had a playdate on Wednesday with his NCT buddies E and J.  I decided to host the date outdoors given my most favourite part of our house is our garden (blessed!).  The babies were all either rocking shades, sunhats or in some cases both! They looked adorable.  They had lots of fun playing and spent a lot of the time munching on snacks.  Us mummies also got to kick back and catch up.

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IMG_7164 IMG_7156

On Thursday, Arjun joined his Amrit Masi and I for a quick shopping trip and Nandos.  Amrit is more like a sister to me than friend – I don’t know where I’d be without her and I’m so glad Arjun has a Masi like her!

We were out for four hours in the sun and he was so so well behaved.  He didn’t cry once and if anything he was in a really jolly mood! – perhaps he’s like me, happier when it’s sunny!

FullSizeRender[1] (5)FullSizeRender[2] (4)

I’m so excited for more of these summer days and making the most of the garden! We are currently in the process of looking for some swings, any suggestions?x

As well as lots of outdoorsy bits this week, we also attended a Kirtan (religious ceremony) for my cousin Anand’s 18th birthday.  Again, Arjun was super entertained and was pretty entertaining too.  He listened attentively to the Kirtan and also tried to participate with playing the taliya (bells) with his Mama Jis.  He did pretty well considering we were there way passed his bedtime!

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How was your week?x

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