Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 12th June

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 12th June

Hello all, 

Apologies this post is almost a week late! But we’ve been so busy that I’ve barely had a moment to myself to do this. 

Here’s what we got up to last week! 

We attended our family friend Taran’s wedding. She looked absolutely stunning and the ceremony was beautiful. A huge congratulations to the lovely couple. 🙂



Arjun was also reunited with my dad at the wedding after two weeks of not seeing each other! 


Arjun had an impromptu visit from his big sister Shaan over the weekend and the glorious weather called for his paddling pool to be brought out! They had lots of fun splish splashing. You can find out more information about the Intex Dinosaur Paddling Pool Play Centre here

 Arjun also had a visit from his Goov Masi and had fun playing with her in his tent before falling asleep together! I love them both so much x

Last week Arjun finally met Bhai Niranjan Singh Ji –  a kirtani (religious singer) that is really close to our family.  We’ve known them for years and they are like a part of our family. I was so glad that Arjun finally got to meet them. He was shy at first but soon warmed up! Bhai Sahib has come down especially for Arjun’s first birthday and I’m so grateful to God for that – it was my wish. They do the most emotion evoking kirtan and they are definitely one of the most spiritual and blessed souls I know. 


Arjun also saw his buddy Bachittar Singh this week at his nanijis. Bachittar is so cute with Arjun – such a caring little boy. He’d bring over Arjun’s water to him every so often. 


Last weekend my in laws had an Akhand Paat (three day religious function where our holy scriptures are recited)  and it was so nice to see the family and spend time at the Gurdwara. I love being at the Gurdwara as I find it very restoring. 
I got a double dose of the Gurdwara last week as I also went to Singh Sabha Park Avenue to listen to Bhai Niranjan Singh’s kirtan. It really isn’t the same post baby listening to kirtan as bad as I may sound – I end up being distracted most of the time with Arjun. Preetam was sweet enough to suggest I go alone the following day and it was absolute bliss. 



I hope you all had a great week! I’ll be posting about this week (hopefully!) tomorrow xx

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