Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 15th May …Arjun the Social Butterfly!

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 15th May …Arjun the Social Butterfly!

Hello all!

So this week was our first week back from holiday – back to reality and it sucks a little!

I’ve really mentally and physically struggled this week – a combination of jet lag and not being able to catch up on sleep, Arjun’s constant waking at night, co-sleeping (he sleeps horizontal so Preetam and I are literally falling off the bed!), reduced naps (only one now if I’m lucky!) and a Duracell bunny Arjun (Arjun vs mummy), has left me absolutely knackered. I feel a bit like world’s worst mum at the moment as I’ve been counting down the minutes till Preetam gets home or till Arjun’s nap as I just can’t seem to find the energy to manage everything at once. The part I’ve definitely struggled with the most is his new found inquisition – I miss my boy that would happily play with his toys or eat his meals without the slightest distraction!

We’ve had a pretty busy week but it’s been so nice to catch up with so many people! I feel like my maternity leave is going to be up before I know it and I’m really going to miss this time.

We landed late on Friday night and we were all pretty tired from such a long journey but I knew I had to unpack and do the washing that night as we were out on Saturday. Unfortunately I forgot that Arjun’s body clock would still wake him Maldives time (3am UK time!), so I managed to get about 4 hours sleep that night in total!

On Saturday afternoon we went to Siana’s first birthday party. Siana is one of Arjun’s first buddies so we really wanted to make sure we were there for it. Beb and Pavan always throw amazing parties and this was no exception – I love their attention to detail! Princess Siana had a Minnie Mouse themed party and Arjun was entertained by Mickey, Minnie and spent a lot of his time in the ball pit playing with Taran and Siana. We had so much fun!




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After the party we popped in to see Arjun’s cousin, Shaan. He loves children around the 3/4 age mark and spends most of his time laughing and chasing them. It’s so cute to watch their sibling relationship unfold. Shaan is so caring towards her baby brother and Arjun is full of love for her.

image image


On Sunday we had a family day out for my birthday but I’ll post about my birthday celebrations separately.
This week we were also visited by Arjun’s Bhagat Chacha Ji (uncle). We haven’t managed to catch up with Bhagat for a while as things have been so hectic. We had a whole day of laughs and catching up – just like old times! Arjun loved spending time with his Chacha Ji – he was really happy with him.

image image
We also went to visit my friend Pav who recently gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Shaan. He’s absolutely adorable! It’s the first time Arjun cried seeing another baby upset! I loved catching up with Pav on mummy-hood. She’s an amazing mum full of positive energy – wish I got to see more of her!

My social butterfly got the chance to visit more of his buddies on Thursday evening. He had so much fun playing with Avneet who is 3, again at that age he seems to really take to. He laughed so much with her and they spent the evening playing catch around the sofas whilst gorgeous baby Avani played spectator and the mummies and daddies enjoyed catching up! Again Arjun cried when he saw Avani upset. Seems to be his latest “thing”!


My dear friend Sav is finally back from Japan after almost a year out there and came to spend an afternoon with us. It was really good to catch up and she’s a natural with babies. Arjun adored her and spent the afternoon following his new play buddy around.

image image image

How was your week?x


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    He is the social butterfly isn’t he? he’s been out more than I have! lol.

    Hope he’s sleeping a bit better now, I found this stage where they’re on the move quite hard and exhausting. But by the end it all gets easier again 🙂 xx

  2. 3

    Hey hun, defo a little social butterfly! We’ve managed to get him back in to his room again – hurray! And I’m getting used to him being on the move a little more. Did it get easier when William started walking?x

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