Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 19th June

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 19th June

Hello all, 
Hope you’re all well. 

Yet again I’m late with this post as we’ve been so busy! 
Last week saw lots of party planning – can’t believe it’s just a few days away! I can’t wait to share all our plans with you post party! 
Here’s what else we got up to:
We had a crazy busy weekend! 
It was our akhand paat (three day religious function where our holy scriptures are recited) bhog last weekend. 


I managed to get a few hours off last weekend to go to a dessert bar with my sisters and family friends. A Nutella crepe was obviously my choice! It was delicious. We went to Twist in Harrow where they do eggless desserts. We had a great evening out with lots of laughs. 


We also had a kirtan to attend to celebrate the birth of Arjun’s little cousin brothers Rajan and Jeevan. Arjun had fun playing with his dinky cousins. 

That same evening we also had Preetam’s Masar Ji’s (uncle) surprise 70th birthday dinner where Arjun got to see his daddy’s family after quite a while. He also thought it would be a good opportunity to test out his daddy’s ride! 








Although it was a super busy weekend and we were exhausted by the end of it, it was really nice seeing so many of our friends and family and catching up. 
Arjun managed to get some nanaji time last week and I managed to capture this super cute moment without them knowing. They are so adorable and I could watch them all day! 

Arjun’s Ramneek Pua (Aunti) and Sarub Chacha (uncle) also came to visit. He adores them and had lots of fun having their undivided attention! 
We later met up with Preetam’s siblings for dinner. It was a lovely evening and Arjun enjoyed picking his own salad for dinner.  


Last week we also got prepared for Preetam’s first Father’s Day. We made homemade wrapping paper together which was lots of fun. You can read all about our first Father’s Day here


We wrapped up the week by having Bhai Niranjan Singh and our family friends over for dinner. It was a lovely evening with great company and we also got to enjoy some spontaneous kirtan.  

It was my first attempt at a Nutella cheesecake and it came out absolutely delicious (if I do say so myself!). You can find the recipe here


         How was your week?x 


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