Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 20th March 2015

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 20th March 2015

Hello all! 

Hope you’re all well and have had a good week!
Ours was surprisingly quiet compared to usual but I still feel pretty tired! Haha!

Arjun finally got to meet his Raz Masi this week. He was in such a great mood – probably the best I’ve ever seen him! He happily played whilst we caught up over lunch. He loved the Build-A-Bear that Raz got for him too – he found it hilarious every time it played a sound.


We celebrated my first ever Mother’s Day this week – it was perfect! To see what we got up to, check out my Mother’s Day post.
This week I also took Arjun to work. I was so panicked and worried about taking him in case he cried or played up generally. I had a meeting re my return to work so was also very nervous about that. I’ll be going back to a new role when I return to work potentially in a new team and knowing I don’t deal great with change, you can probably imagine how anxious I am!
I met Katie in the canteen for our meeting and Arjun happily sat in his pushchair absorbing his new surroundings, the murmuring in the back from all the other meetings taking place and all the bright colours and new smells. At one point he decided to join in with the chatter (pretty loudly!). Katie absolutely loved him and got side tracked quite often especially whenever he flashed her a smile! Ladies man for sure!
After my meeting, some of my old team came to meet me for lunch which was so lovely. It actually calmed my nerves about returning to work.
He had lunch with us – a cheese sandwich and a pot of grapes from the canteen and happily ate with the rest of us.
Arjun got entertained by Paul’s singing and got lots of cuddles from Sonika and got to meet some of the others too. He was super entertained by the Thomas the Tank Engine Easter egg box that Sonika got him!

We ended up being at work in total about four hours and it went so quick. Arjun was so well behaved and embraced all the attention. 
We visited my parents house this week and it was much more difficult than before Arjun was crawling – he was chasing after Chico and calling out to him. It was entertaining to watch but we’re always careful with Arjun around the dogs.

It was Arjun’s first taste of paneer too at Nanis. He really really liked it! Takes after mummy!
Arjun was entertained by his masis as always 🙂

Arjun’s Dadaji and Dadiji came to visit on Thursday. They had a lovely time turning in to big kids and playing with him. He had lots of laughs and so did they.

It’s so exciting for all the grandparents to see Arjun developing and becoming this little independent person. They’ve seen their own children go through the same.
We ended the week perfectly – we attended an Akhand Paat (three day religious Sikh ceremony) for our family friend, Taran to start off her wedding celebrations.
Arjun was so fascinated by the children that were doing Kirtan (singing religious hymns on the harmonium) – he reacts really quick to the sound of a baby/child’s voice. I hope one day he also learns.
He sat quietly for a while listening to the kirtan and whilst engaging in a bit of baby sensory with the different textures on mummys outfit!
I really miss not being able to listen to Kirtan with full concentration like I could before I had a baby, as selfish as that may sound. It’s so different now as my focus is diverted. I do sometimes on the rare occasion go to the Gurdwara alone to get that time.
After listening to about 20 minutes of Kirtan we decided to have some langar as it was Arjun’s dinner time. By that time my mum had arrived and fed him.
Most people managed to get a quick cuddle with Arjun during the split second he had forgotten that his daddy was in the room!

Arjun with Dilpreet Mamiji & the bride to be, Taran Masi x

The hugest milestone to date was hit this week – Arjun surprised us with crawling! It was quite funny, I was sitting at my laptop whilst he played making plans for his birthday and suddenly from the corner of my eye I see him moving. I look up and he stopped so I wasn’t sure if I was seeing things. I then thought I’d double check by luring him in with a breadstick – it worked!!! 

Life since then has been interesting to say the least! It’s probably why I’m feeling tired even though we haven’t done much! Lol. 

The first day he started crawling, he managed to get himself to the coffee table, take out everything that was under it – I mean EVERYTHING! And even managed to reach up to the top and take a few bits down from there too. Ironic as one of the things he dragged down was the baby proofing kit haha! Nothing is safe now and every crumb is a toy.

He’s managed to master his side crawl a little faster now.

The same day that Arjun started crawling, he also started lifting himself up against things to stand. All a bit too quick for me!! But proud of my bubba. 
I felt very mixed emotions when he first started crawling which I shared in my Change … Thoughts Unloaded post. I’m feeling better since thankfully. Arjun has a new found independence and I’ve noticed he now barely cries as he’s able to get from place to place himself. The separation anxiety from daddy is still his biggest source of tears.
How has your week been?x

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