Baby Brain Weekly Memoir – 22nd May 2015 …  Masis Birthday, Playdates, Willow’s Farm & Guru Arjun Dev Ji Shaheedi Gurpurab

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir – 22nd May 2015 … Masis Birthday, Playdates, Willow’s Farm & Guru Arjun Dev Ji Shaheedi Gurpurab

Hello all! 

It’s been a full on week but we’ve had lots of fun! 
On Sunday we visited Willow’s Farm with Arjun’s buddies and our friends. We had an absolute blast. I’ve been meaning to do a separate review on Willow’s Farm and will hopefully get it done this week! After Willow’s Farm we went for a meal at Chiquitos. Siana, Taran and Taranvir are some of Arjun’s first buddies so it’s so nice seeing their relationship grow and it’s fascinating to see how they interact. Arjun is so excited by them all and especially finds Taran entertaining – probably as he’s around the age mark that I’ve mentioned before Arjun seems to take to! 



On Sunday was Arjun’s double trouble masis birthday (they’re twins). We wanted to make it extra special as they do so much for Arjun and he absolutely adores them. You can see more on the personalised card and gift we made for them here

     We had some of our extended family over and had a picnic in our garden. It was lots of fun watching Arjun and his big sisters Shaan and Jeeya play. Jeeya and Arjun are definitely double trouble and spent the afternoon getting up to no good once we moved indoors – they were on a mission to play with anything but toys – they settled for the PlayStation controllers! Arjun’s relationship with Shaan is super cute – they’re constantly running around after each other! 


The twins had a lovely day celebrating with the babies of the family (minus two!) and the rest of us!

       As part of Harv’s birthday gift, she picked a favour of “lunch on us” so we took her to Nandos which was really lovely. Arjun sat with her and they bonded over colouring though Arjun was more amused in throwing the paper on the floor and watching his Masi pick it up! Arjun really enjoyed his dinner of corn on the cob, a few chips and a piece of garlic bread – he attracted a lot of “aww” attention especially when he was gnawing on his cob! He’s such a character. 

       We popped in to visit my friend Baljit and her beautiful twins, Kaeden and Tiana. I always find it super fascinating how Arjun interacts with them. He becomes so animated – like he’s with his “crew”. They were all chasing each other around the house and babbling baby speak. I honestly wonder if they understand each other. Either way it’s so cute! 

   We had a super dinky visitor this week – Arjun’s baby brother, Rajan. He is so adorable – I don’t even remember Arjun at that age. It feels like a lifetime ago! My cousin Bhavan is doing a fab job with him and I admire her “up and go” attitude – something I’m still yet to master! Arjun was interested in playing with Rajan but Rajan looked a little scared/confused but was still so drawn to Arjun and watched him attentively. Before we know it Rajan will be chasing his older cousins – time flies! 

   I made us some aloo bhajia and mogo as a snack and decided to make Arjun his own equivalent which he really enjoyed. 

 Friday was Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s Shaheedi Gurpurab (the day our 5th Guru became the first Sikh martyr). Guru Arjun Dev Ji’s laid the foundations for the Golden Temple – my favourite place in the world. The place where I often dream of being again. The place that makes me feel electric. The place that makes me feel like no other. If you haven’t visited, go. Whatever your faith, it’s truly magical and absolutely breathtaking. Guru Arjun Dev Ji also compiled the teachings and writings of the previous Gurus in to one scripture – now the holy scripture, The Guru Granth Sahib. It was this contribution that led to his martyrdom. 
To remember this day, my dad and I took Arjun to the Gurdwara where we listened to Kirtan (holy hymns) and reflected on what our Gurus have sacrificed for us and our religion – the faith that has given me so much balance and guidance in my life. After listening to Kirtan, we had langar (free food served in the communal kitchen for all). 

 After this we spent the day at my parents. Arjun spent most of his time with his nanaji helping him to assemble his new high chair and generally following him around the house! He also enjoyed chasing Chico and found it really funny every time he poked his paw..! 

             How was your week?x 


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