Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 29th May 2015 … Lots of Family Time!

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … 29th May 2015 … Lots of Family Time!

Hello all! 
This weeks been quite a chilled out one in comparison to last week!
We started the week off by attending my friend Ruby’s chunni/engagement ceremony. She looked jaw droppingly gorgeous! 

It was so nice to spend some time with other mummies and their babies. Some of which have two! Although I went to sixth form with these girls, I rarely get to see them and it’s really nice when I do as we often share our stories and end up sharing useful advice too! 

     Arjun was pretty much glued to daddy the whole night and it was way past his bedtime so he was pooped pretty quick! 

We spent a lot of time at dada and dadis this week and even had a sleepover with Arjun’s Mané pooji who was staying over too. It was so much fun and bought back memories from when I first got married and when Mané was still living at her parents before she got married. I miss the days where my mother in law, Mané and I would go off on random missions together be it cooking something, going shopping or for pedicures! It felt just like old times and Arjun really had a great time being fussed over. He loved spending time with his grandparents, playing with poojis toys and stealing Indy chachus food! But most of all he enjoyed his chats with Junior! 



He even got an extra treat – his little Pua came to see him and he laughed so much with her. Ramneek spent lots of time entertaining Arjun and had so much patience with him. He adores her. Arjun even created his first masterpiece with his two puas – though his clothes were covered in more felt tip pen than his drawing – thankfully they were washable! By the time Arjun’s Sarub Chachaji arrived, Arjun was pretty pooped! 


While staying at my in laws, Mané, Ramneek and I even managed a quick shopping trip whilst the grandparents baby sat and we also all had a movie night which was great fun. Though I’m not sure I’m cut out for 1am finishes anymore! 

We were also visited by my friend Sav this week. As usual, she had all the time in the world for him and he spent a lot of the afternoon chasing around after her (or her him!).  

 Not very often for us, but Arjun and I ventured out for a walk and cafe breakfast this week. I don’t often take him to places out alone and this was the probably the second time we ate out alone just the two of us! The only other time was at Westfield I think! Arjun had a cheese toastie and I had a veggie breakfast. It was really nice and I hope as my confidence increases so will our outings alone. 

This week also marked Arjun’s 11 month birthday. If you haven’t seen his update, you can here

How was your week?x


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    Sounds like a busy week seeing lots of people. Arjun talking with the dog reminds me of BattleKid’s conversations with our dogs at that age. And we also have Baloo!
    I wouldn’t worry about going out with Arjun on your own hun. The more you do it the easier it becomes. Try going places close to home at first so if you need to turn around you can. That’s what I did. Before you know it there’ll be no stopping Mum and her boy x

  2. 2

    Hey lovely! Super busy! This seems to be how the last 12 months of maternity leave have flown by. I can’t believe I’m back at work next month :(.
    Aww, which dogs do you have? It’s so good for them to have pets I think – Arjun adores all the dogs!
    I get so flustered taking him out alone, I wish I could just snap out of it already. He’s almost 1 and I still get panicked! I took him to a party alone on Saturday which I’ll blog about later – but that felt like a bit of a disaster too although I’m sure it’s worse in my head than it actually was! x

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