Baby Brain Weekly Memoir: 3rd April 2015

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir: 3rd April 2015

Hello all!
Hope you all had a great week and a great Easter weekend!
Unfortunately as we had a family wedding, we didn’t get to do much for Easter but we did have lots of fun celebrating the marriage of my cousin Ish and his beautiful bride Kiran!
I thought I’d do a separate post on the wedding but here’s a quick recap of what we got up to the rest of the week!
️Arjun had a photoshoot this week which he was happy to play ball with where it came to single shots but not so happy when it came to family shots – I think we were cramping his style!
️Arjun also had two play dates with his big sister Shaan this week. He is absolutely crazy about her and I love watching him laugh uncontrollably when with her. He loves other children especially at that age. Shaan does such a great job at taking care of him.

We also met up with some of our NCT friends and Arjun got to see his buddies E and Josie after a good few months! It’s always crazy seeing all the babies together because you see how much they’ve grown and how fast time is flying. I always love catching up with the NCT girls because we’re on the same journey with our own hurdles. It’s so nice that we can be so open with each other – I guess we all lost our dignity at the same time so we’re kinda shameless now! Haha.

Arjun spent Wednesday with his dadaji and dadiji whilst I just chilled. It was very odd being home alone without Arjun! I just ended up cleaning, making lists for Arjun’s first birthday and doing a spot of shopping for holiday!
We so attended a Kirtan (religious ceremony) at our friends Priti and Dalj’s house. Arjun had lots of fun running riot!

How was your week?x

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