Baby Brain Weekly Memoir: 6th March 2015 … Back to Reality!

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir: 6th March 2015 … Back to Reality!

Hello all!

Hope you’re all keeping well and have a good week.

This was our first full week at home since Dubai as last week Preetam was in NY and Arjun and I stayed at my parents.

This week was definitely a huge time of adjustment for me. I went from having others around me constantly for the last three weeks to suddenly being all alone again. I always struggle to readjust and always go back to a place where I question my ability to be able to take care of Arjun alone. We are slowly getting back there!

The first night that Preetam was home from NY, he insisted that Arjun sleep with us. I felt bad that he’d been away from Arjun for so long so agreed. He slept well and I often woke to him being cuddled him to his daddy. I love their relationship.

On Saturday morning Preetam took Arjun to Sainsburys. I’ve NEVER taken Arjun to a supermarket before. Preetam has taken him a few times and he makes it sound all so easy. Perhaps that could be my next challenge. Currently I’m addicted to online shopping!

Saturday evening we had a simple Mexican night where we were joined by Preetam’s parents, Mané and Jaz. Arjun was a little grumpy and it took him a while to warm to everyone. Once he did, he was his usual self and read with pooji.

 FullSizeRender[2] FullSizeRender[1]


Nachos, potato wedges and veggie fajitas

On Sunday we went to my favourite restaurant ever, Sakonis with our friends. It was Arjun’s first time at Sakonis and I was a bit nervous taking him out alone. It was my first time alone with him since before Dubai. I calmed myself by reminding myself that the girls are also great with babies so it’d be ok!

Arjun was fast asleep when we got there and woke just as I got my food. He woke up startled by his new surroundings and ended up crying. It took a while to settle him and I felt slightly panicked being in a public place and dealing with his tears. I feel like a really bad mum for saying that as it comes across as though I’m more concerned about what others think than my own child  but it’s a bit more complicated than that in my head!

Once Arjun settled, I grabbed him a few bits from the buffet – it was his first taste of chips and oh dear he loved them. The choice for a baby was a little limited so I’d probably pack a sandwich next time. After a few chips, Arjun decided to try an orange segment and he managed to get it in his eye and yikes his cry told me how much it stung!



Chilli paneer, crispy bhajia and aloo papdi chaat … my favourites!

I ended up taking him out of his high chair to calm him down and then we ended up playing pass the parcel with him as everyone wanted a cuddle :). The girls are all so great with Arjun and are going to make amazing mothers one day!!

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Arjun was particularly interested in Pranay (especially his hair and buttons!) who is 4 and such a little sweet heart. I think Pranay was fearing for dear life when Arjun was trying to yank his buttons off his jumper lol.

FullSizeRender[3] (2) FullSizeRender[2] (2)

When we got home from Sakonis, Preetam’s friend Jervase was over. Arjun’s never met him as he’s moved to South Africa for a little while. Arjun was so happy and content playing with Preetam and Jervase with his boys toys.


We had an impromptu dinner at Thai Pan on Monday night which was really nice! We don’t often do that as a family as we’re generally so busy so it was nice to spontaneously go for a meal. Arjun really enjoyed himself and was fascinated by the sound the highchair made when he managed to shuffle it – it was so funny watching him try do it again. He also wasn’t shy to show off his new clapping skill lol.

We had Arjun’s 8 month review on Wednesday morning. I didn’t really know what to expect but it went well. They have a questionnaire which helps determine whether your baby is developing ok. Arjun seems to be on track touch wood. We also talked about weaning – apparently we’re doing a really good job as Arjun’s weight is exactly on track (he’s now 21lbs 2 oz). We also discussed getting Arjun off the bottle – that’s going to be a huge challenge given he usually falls asleep on the bottle in the evening! We also got our Bookstart book pack which I was a little excited about!:)


On the way to Arjun’s review x

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After the review we met up with my friend Baljit who has two absolutely adorable twins, K and T. We had lunch at home – I made wholemeal pita pizzas with tomato purée, fine diced peppers, tomatoes, onions, spinach and sweetcorn topped with cheese and seasoned with oregano, basil and thyme accompanied by courgette “fries” for the babies.

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After lunch we decided to head off to Uxbridge for a walk. The sun was shining and we were in a good mood. After Arjun’s initial crying fit as we set off, it was a really pleasant walk.  Baljit and I caught up on things since we’d last met whilst trying to lug our buggies around!!

FullSizeRender[3] (3)

We decided to get in a sneaky dessert at Creams on the way back which totally defeated the purpose of the walk! Haha. I’d highly recommend Creams – the decor is fun and very American and the crazy long list of yummy desserts means your spoilt for choice! I had a Nutella crepe (obviously!) and Balj had a Tropical Paradise Sundae. Both were delicious. We got some strawberries for the babies to munch on at the same time.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender[1]

FullSizeRender[2] bal

That night I gave Arjun a bath as Preetam wasn’t home. I don’t often give Arjun a bath – that’s usually daddy’s duty. It was actually really fun and I enjoyed giving Arjun a massage after. That night he slept right through after a few rough nights. Maybe it’s mummy’s touch 😉

Yesterday morning I started the day frantically getting ready for the dentist whilst Jeta took care of Arjun – Jeta is our cleaner but she’s so amazing with Arjun too and he absolutely adores her! I got to the dentist relieved that my painful tooth was going to be sorted to be greeted by a very confused receptionist – my appointment was the following week! A major baby brain moment!

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Jeta entertaining Arjun x

Yesterday afternoon we visited Sup. Arjun was entertained by his Masi and her in laws. He particularly took a liking to Sups father in law. He seems to prefer men at the moment probably because he’s surrounded by women most of the time!

FullSizeRender[2] (6)FullSizeRender[3] (5)

Last night, I had my first night off in AGES! I went over for dinner to one of my best friends, Suky’s, house. When I first left Preetam and Arjun and sat in my car, I welled up at the thought of being away from Arjun which was odd as I’d been craving a break for so long! Preetam was taking Arjun to Stratford to meet Jervase. I felt better once I’d spoken to Preetam who had said that Arjun was fast asleep.

FullSizeRender[2] (5)

Arjun at Nandos later on in the evening with daddy and Uncle Jervase

The evening at Suky’s was lovely. Her warm and welcoming house was the perfect setting for a totally chilled out and relaxing evening. We had dinner, watched Bridget Jones – perfect film!, ate ice cream and best of all we had such a laugh. I couldn’t believe how quickly four hours flew by! Suky and I met during my wedding – I had booked her for my bridal hair and make up and we instantly got on really well. She helped keep me cool calm and collected during my wedding in Goa too! Definitely one of the biggest blessings that has entered my life x

FullSizeRender[1] (5)

We spent a couple of days this week at home. It’s such a catch 22 as sometimes I’m so tired I physically don’t feel like going out and also feel like Arjun could do with chill out days. But staying at home is also exhausting as it’s quite boring for Arjun and he becomes easily frustrated which can also be tiring!

How did you spend your week?x

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