Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … Baby TV 1st Birthday, A Baby Shower, Vaisakhi & Odd’s Farm! … 17th April 2015

Baby Brain Weekly Memoir … Baby TV 1st Birthday, A Baby Shower, Vaisakhi & Odd’s Farm! … 17th April 2015

Hello All!

Hope you had a great week!

We had a fun filled and pretty busy week!

On Saturday we had three functions – it was Arjun’s big sister Jeeya’s first birthday! We had the children’s party in the afternoon and a family party to celebrate in the evening.

I can’t believe a year has already passed. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday – I was heavily pregnant and just a few months from giving birth and it all felt so surreal at the time.  But now our little princess is a year old and turning in to a right little madam! It’s been remarkable to watch her journey – as there’s only a few months between Arjun and Jeeya, it’s been amazing to see Jeeya reach a milestone and then watch Arjun mimic it a few months later when he plays catch up.  I’m so glad he’s blessed with lots of baby cousins to grow up with.  Watching Jeeya and Arjun interact from when they were so little to now has been fascinating. They are so cute together!  My cousin put together a beautiful montage of Jeeya’s first year – it was such a nice reflection of the past year and how much (and how quick!) she’s grown and was definitely tear jerking!

Arjun really enjoyed the amazing Baby TV themed children’s party.  My super talented cousin, Indy, had painted a Baby TV themed backdrop and Arjun got super excited when he recognised the characters! Arjun met his twin (who is also called Arjun) at the party – they look so similar I think even my Arjun got confused! Haha! He also had a good time playing with his big sister Shaan.


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By the evening party, Arjun was a little tired but had a little boogie and enjoyed the bubbles nevertheless!




In between the two birthday parties, Mr social butterfly also had a baby shower to attend.  We popped in to my friend Gog’s shower – we are super excited for Gog and Harvey.  They’re going to make such fun parents and I can’t wait for Arjun to have yet another play buddy!

The baby shower was done up beautifully – the Sangha sisters definitely know how to throw amazing events and have them themed out to the T and pay so much attention to detail – right up my street! They also cater really well to children – they had a face painter, a kid’s play area and a bouncy castle. Arjun enjoyed playing with his buddy Siana in the ball pit and I enjoyed catching up with some lovely faces that I hadn’t seen in a while.  It was a shame we couldn’t stay longer but I’m so glad we got to be a part of the celebration!





Arjun also had two play dates in one day with his twin buddies, Eva and Ryley!


This week we also celebrated Vaisakhi and Arjun attended his first Nagar Kirtan – I’ll be writing up a separate post on that 

We also celebrated Preetam’s first birthday as a dad: Daddy’s Birthday … Gurdwara, Food n Fun!

How was your week?x

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