Baby Room Organisation! … Drawers & Closets!

Baby Room Organisation! … Drawers & Closets!

Hello All!

I thought I’d share a few of my bits around how I organise Arjun’s nursery.

I’m a super organised person by nature so naturally my baby’s nursery was going to have to be in top shape and order prior to me going in to labour. And lucky I did get some order in as my labour didn’t quite go as expected (My Birth Story) so Preetam was left to find his way around the nursery and said it was pretty simple to do so! 

Some of my key essentials were the following items:

Hangers: my super dinky plastic baby hangers were purchased from Home Bargains in store for £0.59 for 10! What a bargain!! I like everything to be matching so I scrapped the hangers that came with the clothes for these ones.  A bit OTT but heyho! You can alternatively purchase similar ones from eBay: Plastic Baby Hangers


Hanger dividers: I bought my plain pale blue set at £9.99 from eBay.  There are lots of designs available: Baby Closet Dividers, so you could go for something a little more exciting to match your nursery theme perhaps! Given I’m obsessed with the whole jungle theme, I’m tempted to upgrade mine! These are brilliant for organising clothes – especially after my baby shower as we received lots of different sized clothing.  It helped me identify any gaps in Arjun’s wardrobe. They are so useful and it’s quick and easy to pick out an outfit whenever I need to. He owns more clothes than Preetam and I put together!


IKEA storage compartments:  I used these for organising the drawers at £6 for 6 different sizes (Ikea Storage Compartments). They’re absolutely brilliant for keeping things neat and ordered.  I’ve organised my drawers in the following way:

Nappy changing

      • Vaseline (as we don’t use nappy rash cream unless Arjun has nappy rash which has only been once so far)
      • Sudocrem
      • Water wipes – we’ve subscribed to Amazon family for this and it’s super convenient as they arrive at the same time every month saving me the hassle of remembering to buy them! WaterWipes Super Value Box – Pack of 9, Total 540 Baby Wipes. I prefer this brand of wipes to Huggies which I always find are difficult to get out of the packet – especially in the middle of a poo explosion!
      • Cotton wool
      • Cotton pads
      • Nappy bags
      • Nappies
      • Extra dry nappies for night time – we actually only use these now
      • Dettol wipes – to wipe down change mat
      • After bath oil – this is a bit random but it’s here just because it’s easier to access in the top drawer when changing Arj after a bath


Bath time

        • Weleda face moisturiser
        • Baby brush
        • Tooth brush
        • Tooth paste
        • Towels – the one in the picture below is a Skip Hop monkey one which was purchased from Amazon: Skip Hop Zoo Hooded Towel Monkey
        • Cotton buds
        • A bowl – for topping and tailing on the rare occasion we have to
        • Nail Cutter
        • Johnsons products storage (he’s too young to use Johnson’s yet)



        • Thermometer – we have this one: Braun ThermoScan-5 IRT6020 Ear Thermometer
        • Waterproof plasters
        • Baby Calpol
        • Baby Nurofen (great for teething!)
        • Bonjela
        • Ashton’s and Parsons teething powder
        • Infacol
        • A nasal aspirator
        • Calpol nasal spray for when he has a bunged up nose to loosen the mucus
        • Snuggle bed for when he has a blocked nose to help him clear his airways – a baby’s equivalent of Vicks! 🙂


Blankets, lots of blankets!


        • Standard muslins
        • Large muslins – can be used for different things like a nursing cover or as a light wrap in the Summer.  You can purchase the ones in the picture from: Summer Infant Large Swaddle Muslins – 3 Pack
        • Bibs – all the weaning bibs are kept downstairs

And also when I was breast feeding I also kept:



We have a lot of keep sakes and will soon need another drawer to accommodate!

Under garments:

Long sleeve vests, short sleeve vests and sleeveless vests

Accessories drawer

Hats, socks, gloves

How do you maintain order in your nurseries? Do you have any other tips for an OCD mummy?!


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    Purchased a nest of tables yesterday and they’re extremely useful, I find myself using the littlest table as a
    notebook computer table while in bed!

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