Crawling … My New Life!

Crawling … My New Life!

I knew my life was going to change and I tried so hard to make the most of Arjun’s pre crawling stage but I still feel like I didn’t make the most of it enough!



So how exactly has my life changed since Arjun started crawling?! I’m pretty sure I’m burning a few extra calories these days! Haha! 

We definitely have less tears from Arjun – he’s never really cried a lot but now it’s even less as he’s able to get to places himself. He was becoming increasingly frustrated before he figured out the crawling game. A lot of that frustration has been relieved now that he’s on the move. His new frustration is being told “no” every 5 minutes by me when he’s pulling down something or another or posing as a health and safety risk to himself! 

His new favourite game is to play chase. When he gets tired, he stops and waits for you to come and tickle him. He plays this mostly with his crazy masis! 

Where before I could leave Arjun plonked in one place and feel safe that he wouldn’t move, now I can’t even turn my head for a split second because Mr Speedy Gonzales is on it! This means I can’t even have a shower whilst leaving him for a little while. I’ve got to do most of those things whilst he’s asleep. 

You have to be extra careful and vigilant – no more leaving him unattended even for a few minutes unless he’s in a confined space! 

The dogs are no longer safe! He is after them at any given opportunity – especially my parents dog Chico as he’s a house dog. 

He’s become a lot more independent which I really struggled with initially – I felt I was losing my baby but actually as time has gone on its quite nice that he’s able to get whatever it is that he wants – as long as it isn’t a wire or a hot oven! 

My favourite part of him being mobile is that he comes to me when he wants a cuddle or wants to sleep. Him asking for a cuddle is the cutest thing. The way he crawls up and hangs off your trousers and waves his arms about makes my heart melt. And I don’t know if it’s in my head but his cuddles are a lot tighter now. Maybe because we have less of them 🙁 

Arjun picks his own toys now – you can see his little personality shining through so strong. He’s a boys boy and at the moment goes for anything transport related! 

He manages to find baby sensory all around the house – his favourite are the sensor lights we have in the upstairs landing! 

He’s obsessed with opening and closing doors and drawers which I’m terrified of. It’s only a matter of time before he has an accident!:( 

When I brush my teeth in the morning, I always have a little intruder in the bathroom. 

I often find my bins are kindly emptied – not so helpful when it’s all over the floor though! 

Every crumb is a new toy. He uses his little forefinger to explore them with so much focus. It’s the cutest! 

He has started to climb the stairs – weekend to do list includes fitting a stair gate downstairs! 

He has a new found energy and is like a Duracell bunny – he rarely sits still! 

Because he’s using up so much energy, he’s tired at night and generally sleeps right through from 8pm to 7.30am. 

How has your life changed?x 

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