Daddy’s First Father’s Day Gifts

Daddy’s First Father’s Day Gifts

Hello all,

As you all have probably gathered, Arjun is a daddy’s boy through and through. They share the most special and unique bond that is indescribable, it brings me to tears. I’m not sure if it’s because the first few hours of Arjun’s life he only knew his daddy, but it’s amazing. Preetam oozes energy when he’s around Arjun, it’s like they recharge each other. The way they look at each other, the way their body language mimics each other and the way their face lights up when together is beyond beautiful. 

For Father’s Day we did the following for Preetam: 

Matching Personalised Ralph Lauren Polo Tops

They both love rocking their Ralph Lauren polo tops so I thought personalised ones would be cute. You can find them here. I’m all for Arjun and daddy dressing the same – I think it’s adorable! 

Crafts Mug

I decided to get something for Preetam’s office as he spends so much of his time there. 
I purchased a jumbo mug which I thought would be great to use as a stationery pot. I used masking tape to make lettering saying “I love daddy” and Arjun (with my assistance!) scribbled all over the mug. Once dry, I peeled off the masking tape and voila! 





Dad Picture Book Wrapped in Homemade Wrapping Paper

I’ve been meaning to make lots of different picture books for Arjun’s life. I sort of miss doing things the old school way of having hard copies of pictures. Instead we have thousands of pictures that are all stored somewhere on a virtual world. I love going to my parents and in laws and spending hours looking through albums. I want my children to be able to do the same. I just haven’t got around to selecting pictures and deciding on how to structure the photo books! I thought this was a great opportunity to do our first one. I selected lots of pictures of Arjun and Preetam from the last year. I ordered the book from Photobox. 

I got the idea for homemade wrapping paper from fellow blogger Beau is Blue and had so much fun making it with Arjun. It’s something cute to  keep it in Arjun’s keepsake box too 🙂 



Picture Poem

I think the poem we wrote (which was so easy to write given the nature of their relationship), captures their relationship as well as words possibly can! Preetam was pretty emotional reading it! 

 “You held me tight when I was born,

You changed my first nappy when I cooked up a storm. 

Because mummy wasn’t feeling too good,

You gave me my first feed. 

You make me feel safe and that’s what I need. 

You soothed me, cuddled me and gazed in to my eyes, 

You stopped your busy life whilst the world whizzed by. 

I fell asleep in your big strong arms, 

Because here I felt the most calm. 

You still comfort me like you did the day I was born, 

Your hugs and love make me feel warm. 
When you aren’t here I miss you so much. 

When I’m sad, I’m soothed by your touch. 
You work so hard and I know you’re tired when you come home,

But you still give me love and you never moan. 
You’re always so patient with me 

Even when I’m crying in the morning at three!
You make the best crepes which I love to eat, 

And you do the best cosies even though you tickle my feet! 
You never say no,

Instead you show me how and that’s how I’ll learn and grow. 

You let me play with all your toys,

Boys will always be boys! 
You’re my best friend daddy,

You light up my face. 

Whether it’s playing on my JCB or having a crawling race. 
You take me to your projects and take me for lunch, 

Because I’m your little Arjy munch. 
We have so much fun at bath time, 

You’re such a loving daddy and I’m so glad you’re mine. 
Today is Father’s Day where I celebrate your worth. 

But really everyday I’m grateful for you on this earth. 

For without you, I’d be lost

You’re irreplaceable at any cost. 
I’m so proud of you daddy in case you didn’t know, 

I always show you off to everyone because when I’m with you, I glow. 
I love you so much daddy x”


For his two granddads and great granddad Arjun made handmade cards which were super appropriate! And a picture mug each as they all love a good ol cuppa! 



What did you get up to?x&nbsp

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  1. 1

    You and Arjun really spoiled Preetam for his first Father’s day. I love the picture book you did for him. I’m going to bear that in mind for the future. Maybe that’s what I’ll get BattleDad for Christmas from his little man. Great presents all round hun x

  2. 2
    Pam Sandhu

    I am a sucker for all things personalised and homemade, especially kids stuff! Hence why i started my business 🙂 Your gifts were not only adorable but priceless. The best keepsakes. Can see daddy enjoyed his day and am touched by the emotion that i could almost feel xx

  3. 3

    Amazing arjun u r sucha sweet baby. I love you n want to met u cutie.

    N ya di my daughter sanmukh is also love her dad. Everynight at 2am both playing with each other, but he is not here . She miss him badly bcz she is not palying the way she playing with him. Even though she dnt wnt to smile. Oh god.

  4. 4

    You are like a craft queen! Seriously you’re so creative! Those are all such beautiful gifts. My partner did a poem and a picture book as part of my first Mother’s Day- he had me in tears (I blame the crazy hormones still!). You’re such a loving wife and mother! I want to steal you lol xx

  5. 6

    Aww thanks Hun. I always go for the easiest sort though when it comes to crafts – kinda cheating Haha! Aww that sounds so sweet – sometimes the easiest way to convey a message is through a poem, not sure why! Loving wife and mother – I’m sure my husband would beg to differ haha! I’d happily come babysit William!!x

  6. 8

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  7. 9

    Thanks sweetheart! We were looking at the picture book just yesterday actually – bought back so many memories. Made us both emotional!x

  8. 10

    Thank you Hun xx like you, I’m also a sucker for personalised gifts. Especially meaningful ones! Love that you turned it in to your business x

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