Down Syndrome Awareness Baby Brain Apparel Mummy & Baby Leggings Giveaway

Down Syndrome Awareness Baby Brain Apparel Mummy & Baby Leggings Giveaway

If you follow me on social media, you’ll know October is Down Syndrome Awareness Month. To celebrate our beautiful boys, Sarah and I are teaming up to host a fabulous giveaway!

A little background …

As you may or may not know, I originally started my blog back in 2014 as an outlet for my journey riding through post natal depression and the highs and lows of motherhood with my first son, Arjun. Since then, I recently gave birth to my second baby boy, Saajan, who happens to be rocking an extra chromosome! Since my husbands moving post on sharing the news about our precious little boy, I’ve not blogged much as I still don’t feel ready but I’m sharing our journey through social media and have received an outpour of love for Saajy from our blog followers! Aside from his extra chromosome and a few extra physio appointments (which I see as brilliant family time now!), we are living a pretty regular life. Arjun and Saajan have the most beautiful brotherly relationship but I’m sure soon enough there’ll be plenty of squabbling!

I started my spin off business, Baby Brain Apparel, in 2015. I make handmade baby and toddler leggings and do a matching adult range too which includes leggings and lounge pants! I hand designed character tees which were inspired by the quirky antics of my toddler Arjun. Since having Saajan, Baby Brain Apparel has an even greater meaning for my family and I with it being uncertain when I will return to work. Although I’m still riding through the journey of having two tiny humans to keep alive alongside a Down Syndrome diagnosis(!), I have began to focus my energy on raising awareness in hope for a brighter future for children like Saajan and Oscar. Part proceeds of all navy and yellow clouds sold at Baby Brain Apparel will be donated to The Down Syndrome Association.

Sarah writes the blog “Don’t Be Sorry” primarily all about her son Oscar, 5, who happens to have Down Syndrome. Sarah literally held my hand during a very dark time when Saajan was first diagnosed with Down Syndrome at a few hours old and continues to do so! Sarah’s support has been invaluable and I often turn to her blog when looking in to the future. She originally started writing, as she found it cathartic to document her thoughts and feelings following his postnatal diagnosis. And then one day, having decided to publish her words on her own private Facebook page, she received such an overwhelming response, she very quickly launched a website and public Facebook page.

What started as just a handful of people following her journey with Oscar, has grown into a following of close to 30,000 people. Sarah regularly talks to “new” Mums and Dads online following the news that their babies have received the same diagnosis as Oscar which she hopes helps them when they may be feeling like the future’s looking bleak.

She also gives talks to medical professionals regarding the importance of language and terminology when delivering news to expectant or new parents, as well as professionals in education, regarding integration and inclusion of children with Down Syndrome. Sarah recently featured on BBC News when a Facebook post about using appropriate terminology when delivering the news to new parents about a Down Syndrome diagnosis went viral. Sarah’s latest venture is that she’s busy writing a book too!

The blog though is as much about her other two children, Alfie,3 and Flo,2. She hopes that people see them as just your average family, leading a pretty full and fabulous life, despite it not panning out the way they thought it would. Oscar brings both Sarah and her husband Chris immeasurable amounts of joy and she hopes that that comes across, (with the warts and all approach) on her page. I’ve taken much comfort in Sarah and Chris’ journey with Oscar and their family.

To celebrate our beautiful children, Sarah and I are giving one of our readers the chance to win a matching pair of adult and baby leggings in a choice of navy or yellow clouds!! They’re tried and tested and have definitely passed the comfort test!

The competition is open worldwide however postage is covered for the UK only.

Competition closes at midnight on 17th October!

It’s super quick and easy, click on the link (“Enter the Giveaway”) below to enter!

Enter the Giveaway

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