Gender Prediciton … Old Wives’ Tales! | Pregnancy

Gender Prediciton … Old Wives’ Tales! | Pregnancy

I’ll always get the odd inspection from someone in the room – especially when meeting the older generation! It inspired me to write a post on some of my favourite old wives tales relating to pregnancy and gender I’ve heard! I’ve also included some that you shared with me!

1) You’re having a boy if you haven’t gained weight anywhere bar your belly, a girl if you have. Even my fingers have gained weight!
2) You’re having a girl if you prefer sweet to savoury. I love all food. 
3) If you have morning sickness it’s a girl, if little or none it’s a boy. What does “little” sickness mean?
4) If you have heartburn, you’ll have a hairy baby. I’ll be giving birth to a baby gorilla in that case!
5) If you have a son and he was born with a swirly crown, you’re going to have another son. Yikes, two Arjuns!
6) If you’re hair growth has increased, you’re having a boy because of the extra testosterone in your body, if you’re extra moody, you’re having a girl. I’m moody and erm hairy!
7) If the linea nigra stops at the belly button, it’s a girl. If it goes all the way to the bottom of the rib cage, it’s a boy. (Mine is hidden inbetween my tiger stripes/stretch marks).
8) If you’re carrying high it’s a girl if you’re carrying low it’s a boy (my food baby is also occupying a lot of space in there which may be leading to “low” carrying).
9) If your first child shows an interest in the baby, you’re carrying the opposite sex. Erm sometimes Arjun swaddles and rocks his baby doll to sleep, other times he’s frantically looking for his screwdriver to screw its eyes out..! What does THAT mean!?
10) If on average the baby’s heartbeat is over 140bpm, it’s a girl. If lower, it’s a boy. Oh so it’s nothing to do with the baby feeling a bit snoozy after mummy’s consumed a whole half of an extra-large pizza?!

11) If you don’t have that pregnancy “glow”, you’re having a girl because she’s stealing your beauty! … I looked pretty rough even when carrying Arjun..!

12) Warm hands means you’re carrying a boy … I’m always hot! I’m sure it’s nothing to do with the extra weight I’m lugging around (about 3 food babies and an actual baby!)

Have any of these proved true for you? What do you think we’re having?x



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    I love all of this kind of stuff. I think mine swayed more towards a. It when I had my daughter and when I was having my son I was way too cool to bother with old wives tales. Ha ha

  2. 3
    Gurjinder Bhogal

    Both my pregnancies were exactly the same – even down to the cravings. The only difference was I slept on my left side with my son and my right side with my daughter and apparently this is an indicator to the sex of the baby! I found out both times so it was fun hearing all the theories, especially the older generation 🙂

    Whatever you have – hope it’s healthy, happy and just as cute as Arjy 🙏🏼

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    Sukhi kaur Moore

    Number 10 was true for me with both my pregnancies!😁My daughter also had a swirly crown and when people came to visit us they’ll aways look at the back of her head and say ‘ Your next one will be a boy’. At first I thought nothing of it but when I did get pregnant and more people said that, I did take it on board and the came June and I had a boy! 😁😁

    It doesn’t matter what gender the baby is, as long as you and baby are healthy and well. Baby will be so lucky to have Arjun as his/her big brother! 😁

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