Hair You Go!

Hair You Go!

I always get asked random questions about my hair – be it through the blog, when we’re out shopping by strangers or from friends, family and colleagues! Not surprising – after all it has a life of its own! Haha! 

My hair is long, thick and full of volume naturally.  I often wish I had naturally straight hair. I look like I’ve been electrocuted most of the time post hair wash! 

In answer to common questions, hair you go:

1) I don’t use a hair piece – I didn’t even need one on my wedding as I have enough volume! 


2) My hair isn’t naturally straight, it’s super curly and frizzy!



3) It doesn’t take me a gazillion hours to do my hair each day – it takes anywhere between 60-90 seconds! 

4) I’ve never dyed my hair, it’s near enough jet black naturally but when I do go to get it dyed, my first time will be with Julius Michael even though it’ll involve a 10 hour plane journey! 


5) I don’t back comb it daily and when I do it’s very quick and rough – to undo the backcomb, I comb upwards from the bottom of my hair 

6) It takes me about 45 minutes to straighten my hair


7) The only product I use in my hair is Moroccan hair oil 

8) I can’t use a normal hair band in my hair as its super thick and won’t hold – so I have to use the elastic headbands and double them up! 

9) Normal high street hair grips don’t work in my hair, I have to buy sturdier ones online 

10) The most number of hair grips ever used in my hair when I’ve had it done is 130..! 


11) I never leave my hair naturally curly, at the most I wave it using my hair straightener 


12) My hair length is currently midway between my elbows and my bum! I’ve always had long hair and love it. 

13) My signature is definitely my bouffant! 


Do you have any hair tips for hair like mine? I’d love to be able to leave it naturally curly but have never found the right products! 



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    absolutely prabulous

    Yep totally relate er except that mine is straight with no volume unless I have it short. Never dyed it, can’t even use straighteners though as I burn myself I’m so incompetent with them. Only ever used hairspray twice in my life. Never ever style it and take maybe a minute to blast it with the hairdryer. My friends here are always stroking it! Hilarious how obsessed we women are with hair. It’s definitely my thing (along with legs lol).

  2. 7

    I absolutely love your hair and have total hair envy at the fact that you don’t have to straighten it! x

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