Why Today’s Growth Scan Was So Special | Pregnancy 

What a nightmare taking Arjun to the hospital for appointments, even with Preetam there! He’s non stop! 

Today was different though, I don’t mean his Duracell bunny antics of running up and down the corridor amusing those waiting for their appointment (which always seems to take forever!). No, he still did that. It was his reaction to our scan. 

One of the perks (there aren’t many) of being a high risk patient is that I get extra growth scans to ensure baby is ok. With high blood pressure (not pregnancy related), I’ve always been at high risk of pre eclampsia – where the placenta breaks down and eventually the baby is starved if undetected. 

Arjun’s been to quite a few of my scans but he’s never really been overly bothered. He either freaks out at the sight of his mummy lying on a bed being poked and prodded or he chooses to have a tantrum – perhaps he does understand what’s going on and that’s his way of grabbing our attention. Either way, it can be a pain. 

Not quite sure what was different about today. Not sure if his understanding is growing? Or maybe he was a bit pissed off with me for politely (uh hem) having a hissy fit at Preetam for allowing Arjun to pick chocolate biscuits at the hospital canteen, so he didn’t mind me being poked and prodded?! No idea but it was the sweetest thing watching him watch his baby brother/sister on the screen and waving. Mid way through he took my hand and held it tight. He seemed really content and happy in that moment. More than the little baby on the screen, I was in awe of Arjun’s reaction. It made it so special.  The gesture of him holding my hand felt like he was telling me “mummy it’s going to be ok, I’m going to be ok” – I’ve been feeling so guilty recently (will share my feelings in a separate post) and I take so much comfort in his reassurance. I am so grateful to have him by my side through everything, even when he isn’t playing ball. 

When checking, the sonographer made a comment that “baby needs a wee” as it’s bladder was full at which point Arjun also decided he needed one. I guess that’s a small taste of what’s to come! 

Today was so special – my favourite scan to date. Because I felt like he was a part of it. He excitedly told me after how he saw “beby” on the “TV”. I hope he’s just as excited when the baby is actually here!



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    Shanel Sajid

    I am very emotional these days, however this post made me emotional in a happy way. No greater feeling than knowing your child is by your side holding your hand. Arjun having that moment with you and baby is so wonderful and warming. I totally see why this is a special scan for you. Hope you and family are well. Thanks for making me well up for a good reason x

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    Aw that’s so sweet. It’s amazing watching their bond grow even while baby number two is in the tummy. Simret used to sit on my legs while I had scans or midwife appointments and the midwife would often let simret find the heart beat and she would sit longer then usual maybe and listen 😍.

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