How This Pregnancy Compares to my First … | Pregnancy

How This Pregnancy Compares to my First … | Pregnancy

It’s a question I get asked a lot! It’s definitely been different but I guess every pregnancy would be regardless of all the old wives tales! A wild concoction of hormones is bound to cause havoc in lots of ways! 

Here’s how this pregnancy compares to my first …

1) I can’t sleep when I want: I definitely took for granted the long naps and kick back time I had with my first pregnancy. I pretty much napped when I wanted as I had no responsibility of another little human. It’s very different this time! Fortunately, I’ve had my parents by my side the last few months and it’s been a God send – they’re always there to watch over Arjun when I really need a nap.

2) No more app obsession: I don’t even know how many weeks I am when asked! It’s pretty scary! Last time I found myself religiously checking an app daily to see the size and development of the baby, this time I have to think about what trimester I’m in!

3) Morning sickness: last time it was predominantly limited to the first trimester. This time it was the first and second and occasionally now.

4) I’m pregnant?!: I honestly don’t feel like I’ve absorbed the reality that we’re even pregnant yet! Yes I feel super uncomfortable but I forget I’m pregnant as I’m running around after a toddler this time. You don’t get much time to think! I also think with our first, we had so much to organize and buy with lots of extensive to do lists, this time I’m not as panicked as I know somewhere in my upside down chaotic house, the stuff exists already! Getting bits done last time really helped with absorbing the reality. It hasn’t hit Preetam or I this time at all.

5) A different kind of excitement: This time, my excitement is more for Arjun having a sibling though I have my fears and anxieties surrounding that too!

6) No regular cravings: with Arjun I predominantly craved samosas and slush puppies. This time, it’s all a bit random and once I’ve eaten something I’m “craving”, I’m usually done with it. Apart from strawberry and orange Ribena (must be cartoned) which I’m addicted to! I’ve had more food aversions than cravings – I can’t stand eggs or cheese sauce!

7) Scan diary: with both pregnancies, I’ve required extra scans due to my blood pressure. Last time, I had a whole little diary dedicated to growth scans, this time, I have random scan pictures lying around. I really ought to get those organised! I’ve found the scans a lot more emotional this time – perhaps as I know what to expect a little more when the baby arrives and the reality that once upon a time Arjun was a little image on that screen too and now look at him! I still find it all so overwhelming and fascinating how the human body works!

8) Stress management: I’m not as stressed about things being “right” as I know we just need a bed, boob/bottle and nappies at the beginning! Last time I was so OTT about everything being in its place though Preetam did commend me on my organisational skills after as my labour didn’t quite go to plan but he was easily able to find his way around the nursery!

9) Intervention: this time I’ve had counseling throughout my pregnancy to manage any potential depression during/after the birth of this baby. It’s been a massive help. I feel my anxieties are heightened given my experience with Arjun. Last time I was a little oblivious to what could happen and thought I had everything under control.

10) Fewer appointments: maybe twice a month compared to twice weekly the first time around. Having said that, I do now have to go in twice a week but it’s a lot later than the 28 weeks onwards I had to start going in twice last time!

11) Post C section!: My internal c section scar has really caused havoc. I obviously didn’t have that to deal with the last time around! During my second trimester I was in agony and they believe I have scar tissue trapped between my wound which caused me so much pain.

12) Hand me downs: the novelty of decorating a nursery has definitely worn off so baby gets Arjun’s nursery and Arjun gets the new room! This also applies to clothing – my sisters especially went crazy buying clothes for Arjun, much of which is neutral and was hardly worn so the new baby will definitely be wearing some of Arjun’s clothes!

13) Sleepless nights: I slept like a baby with Arjun! Now I struggle most nights. I don’t think I’ve slept a full night since I’ve been pregnant (even though Arjun now does manage to sleep through!). I’m guaranteed to be awake between 3am and 5am. I have no idea why. Sometimes it’s because I can’t get comfortable and other times it’s because I’m reflecting on very vivid dreams!

14) Barely remember to take bump shots!

15) Pre natal vitamins: it was a ritual last time and this time I’ve been so terrible with remembering!

16) Radiant glow?: Now the only glow I have is the results of translucent powder! I look pretty dull and tired most of the time!

17) Aches and pains: I don’t recall ever having such bad back ache and heartburn last time. It’s been difficult to manage especially when having to lift a toddler. I’m constantly told not to, but how can I not when he’s asking for mummy?! Leaving him screaming in the middle of the street isn’t an option unfortunately! 

18) Border line neurotic: I’m still neurotic though to a much lesser extent (there aren’t enough hours in the day). I still had a gazillion scans before 12 weeks but definitely no where near as many as I did with Arjun (we saved a mini fortune this time!).

19) Blood pressure: I still have hypertension and it sucks. But my silver lining is that we get extra growth scans due to high risk of pre eclampsia.

20) Baldy locks: I’m getting hair loss on my head but growth on my body (sod’s law!) as I did the last time.

21) Still eating for ten (I need any excuse :() ..!

22) Snoring: someone please tell me I’m not the only one?!? It happened when I was pregnant with Arjun too … Preetam burst my bubble of thinking it was a cute little diddy snore by recording me while I slept … I resemble more a JCB tractor revving! I’m pretty sure it’s a lot worse this pregnancy than last time though!

23) Maternity leave: this time I’ve had no rest at all so far while on maternity leave. Who knew picking paint could take up a whole day?! I’ve literally been non stop this time between trying to get baby bits sorted at my mums house, to helping with picking bits for our house, sewing, blogging and running around after Arjun. I’m on burn out! It’ll be interesting to see how the stark difference in how I spent my maternity leave this time and last time impacts my labour(!). Last time I really got to enjoy a slow paced last few weeks before baby arrived!

24) I’m carrying “lower”: not sure if this means anything but lots of people have mentioned it

25) SPD: Thankfully it’s been manageable but I didn’t have it last time!

26) Larger than life: I was smaller at this stage of my pregnancy with Arjun than I am now but they say it’s common to look bigger with your subsequent pregnancies. My waddle definitely started a lot earlier on this time!

How did your second pregnancy compare to your first?x



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    I’m currently 29wks with my 2nd and my first is still only 20mnths old. It’s harder than I thought it would be and my SPD has been so much worse some days can barely walk about have to because of running after other little one. I feel less rested and less looked after because ppl just telling me to get on with it because I already have a kid. This pregnancy been a bit miserable tbh.

  2. 2

    Congratulations! Ah I can totally relate Sweetie! I wasn’t even allowed to do the Hoover during my first, but this time is so different! Haha! It’s been different to what i’d imagined too. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy Hun!x

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    Mine were totally different being 11 years apart. My bump was huge Things had really changed from my first to my second. Personally wise I was weirdly more anxious in my second pregnancy even though I was more of a grown up!

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    I can totally relate! I’m the same. It’s probably because we know what’s to come labour wise and also the challenges of motherhood 🙈

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