I Wish I Could Freeze Time …

I Wish I Could Freeze Time …

I was just lying here in bed wide awake whilst Preetam and Arjun are fast asleep. Arjun got up, looked at me, and fell right in to my arms and back in to a deep lull. While watching the soft waves of the sea roll in … And back out, I couldn’t help but get myself in to a bit of a day dreaming reflective state. My not so little baby still takes comfort in being in my arms, in hearing the familiar sound of my heartbeat. 

This holiday more than ever has been so fulfilling – watching him squeal in excitement last night as he tried to scare us, his reliance on us in the pool to keep him up, his spontaneous cuddles and acts of kindness … It isn’t going to last forever (and I know this hence my “Nothing Lasts Forever” post). 

Before we know it, he’s going to be an independent little guy. I don’t know how I’m going to cope to be honest – I don’t deal with change great. Just the thought wells me up. And then I stumbled across this

How fitting. It’s like a written account of all the things I’m afraid of in the future. I’m not quite there yet (thankfully), but I’m glad I came across this article today because it has made me want to cherish every single moment even more. I wish I could freeze time. I really do, I want these precious moments to last forever. 


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