Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse | Review

Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse | Review

We were super excited to receive the Go Green Playhouse from Little Tikes! Arjun didn’t have any other playhouses prior to this one so he was thrilled to have his “own” house. This Playhouse is full of so many educational add ons to help kids learn about ways that they can help the environment – something that’s extremely relevant in today’s world.


I must admit I haven’t been great at introducing taking care of the environment to Arjun as I wasn’t sure how to, this has helped massively. Arjun has always learnt best through role play and this has definitely been true of the Go Green Playhouse.

What is the Go Green Playhouse?

The Go Green Playhouse is an outdoor toddler sized Playhouse which has several unique features to help educate little people on saving the environment through imaginative play.

It has brilliant features which include:

  • A solar powered energy saving LED light
  • A flower garden
  • A water reservoir and tank
  • A working sink
  • Recycling trays
  • A letterbox
  • Gardening tools

Is it easy to assemble?
It took Preetam approximately an hour to assemble with Arjun’s assistance! It was easy to put together and is very sturdy.


How we found it?

Since the day we put the Playhouse out, Arjun plays in it anytime the weather permits! He loves the idea of having his own house and you’ll regularly find him pottering about in it mimicking what we do at home such as washing dishes!

After a BBQ, you’ll always find Arjun washing his plate in the working sink in his house. Not only is it teaching him about being environmentally friendly it’s also encouraging him to learn about important life skills.



It’s been an absolutely fantastic way to introduce recycling. Although he’s still quite young (almost 3) to comprehend the difference between plastic and cardboard, it helped introduce the conversation of recycling and reusing certain materials. We recycled Easter egg boxes, a plastic milk bottle and a plastic juice bottle. He took an interest in it for sure and went a little recycling crazy and decided to raid the fridge to put things in for “cycling” that weren’t ready to be recycled! Although he doesn’t quite get the concept of only recycling once something has been used up, I’m glad he’s taken an interest in it! We’ll be re using the materials for an up cycle crafts session at some point.

One of my favourite things about the Playhouse is definitely the solar powered light. Arjun has also spotted that his house has a light just like our house has outside lights in the dark. He struggled to comprehend the idea of the sun powering up the light and responded with “but sun is in the sky mummy”!

My second favourite thing about the Playhouse is definitely the water reservoir and the water tank. Arjun loves collecting the water after it’s rained and using it to water the indoor plants and vegetable seeds he’s sewn in the garden. We’re yet to use the flowering bed that’s included on the Playhouse! I’ve been able to show Arjun clearly how the reservoir and tank work with rain water and he understands it well. This has really encouraged him to take an interest in gardening and planting so that he can use the water to take care of his plants. Arjun often uses the water tank to feed Bruno a quick drink to quench his thirst too!


In addition to the environmentally friendly features, Arjun also likes to post paper through the letter box and often rings the doorbell! He’s also taken an interest in how the doorbell works – like father like son!


Would we recommend it?

At £249.99, we would definitely recommend the Little Tikes Go Green Playhouse. Though it is a little on the pricey side, I feel the additional educational functions on this Playhouse set it ahead of any other Playhouse on the market and it has helped to introduce such an important topic to Arjun which has proven to be invaluable.

The only downside is that it’s a little bit small for more than one or two toddlers.

Arjun absolutely loves playing in his Playhouse and takes so much pride in taking care of it. He uses so many of the educational features and there are still so many that we are yet to use! He has hours of fun playing independently and using his creative little imagination.

Disclosure: this is a sponsored post either in the form of remuneration or a free product being sent to us for review however all thoughts and opinions are our own.


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