Multi Purpose Storage Compartment Box Ideas

Multi Purpose Storage Compartment Box Ideas

Following on from my recent Instagram post of Arjun’s snack box, I thought I’d share what else I use them for 🙂 

Holiday: I use a large storage box for organising a few items such as my contact lenses, hair grips, hair bands, hair clips, earrings, cotton face pads, cotton buds, nail polish (to stop them from breaking in my luggage), scissors, eyelash curler, tweezers, bracelets, beauty blender and safety pins. It really helps with organising little bits and pieces and I don’t need to unload the box when I get to the hotel as its all easily accessible and organised :). 


Hair grips: with a barnet like mine, grips and hair pins are a girls best friend! I have such a huge variety that these little storage boxes help me keep them organised. 

Cuff links: Preetam’s jewellery and cuff links are stored this way to keep them paired and organised. 


Earrings: I have so many and I’ve tried so many storage methods and this one has stuck. I have about three big boxes to cater for all my earrings – Indian and western. It’s made life so much easier as they’re all easy to see too. 


Snacks: I hadn’t thought about extending them for food use but after seeing Mudpie’s post on her in flight tips with kids, I thought I’d use a smaller version for Arjun’s snacks here. I’ve filled mine with some of Arjun’s favourite snacks and storing them this way means they don’t get crushed in to a mush and it also saves space in our change bag as well as keeping the snacks fresh. I’ll also be using this idea for our upcoming holiday to organise his inflight snacks!:) 


You can purchase the large storage box here

You can purchase the medium storage box here

You can purchase the smaller storage box here

Do you have any other ideas on what storage compartment containers can be used for?  X


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  1. 1
    Kat @ Eat.Love.Live

    I think I need to get my hands on some of these boxes. There’s some fab ideas here. I am so impressed with how many hair pins you have. I also need a lot to keep my hair under control and I keep losing them? X

  2. 2

    Hehe! This is a great way to store then. I have such a huge supply of grips – my head wouldn’t survive without!x

  3. 4

    These boxes would also be perfect for when Arjun gets a bit bigger and his toys get weenier! Especially if he has a little brother or sister around who likes to eat them… Xx MMT #baby rainmonday

  4. 8

    Haha! If only my whole life could be organised in these little boxes! That sounds like a plan Hun, good place to keep little toys x

  5. 10

    Ohh fab ideas, I remember seeing mudpie’s and thinking how genius it was. Wish I’d read this before our flight tomorrow! 😀 Thanks for hosting! #BabyBrainMemoirs

  6. 14
    Mudpie Fridays

    Thank you for a mention honey 🙂 although I would never have thought about using them for all those other uses. I especially like the jewellery as I am always loosing one of a pair of earrings. I hope you have a lovely break away and Arjun enjoys his snack box xx #BabyBrainMondays

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