Mummy, Baby, Daddy: What’s in My Hospital Bag List | Pregnancy

Mummy, Baby, Daddy: What’s in My Hospital Bag List | Pregnancy

I remember having a beautifully formatted spreadsheet my last pregnancy – planning everything to the T. Ensuring my hospital bag covered all corners and that there was a nearly packed descriptive list for Preetam as he opened each bag explaining what was where.

This time has been the complete opposite! You’d think it’d be dead easy having done it once but combining baby brain and not knowing where on Earth my list was saved, not living at home and the general blasé attitude that I’m guessing most second time mummies have, I’ve been ridiculously slack. The hospital have told me to have my bag ready since a few weeks ago due to my erratic blood pressure – you’d think that’s give me a kick up the backside but no :l

I’ve managed to successfully pack the baby’s bag (the easiest of them all!) and Preetam’s bits but I’ve still only done half of mine. No idea why I keep putting it off – perhaps it’s the reality that labour isn’t really that far away now. None of the bags so far include a google maps of where everything is in the bag this time. A bit rubbish given I don’t even remember what I’ve packed..!

Anyway, enough of my ramblings! Here’s what I’ve packed (or will be packing!) in my hospital bag. I may end up having a planned section but I may well end up going in to natural labour – this bag is really to cover the latter scenario happening. I’ve also included a list of things I’d packed the last time that I won’t be packing this time.

My bag:


  • Nighties x3 (because I’m OTT)
  • Over the bump maternity knickers (not disposable and over the bump in case I end up having a section for comfort)
  • Nursing bras x2 (will attempt breast feeding if I can)
  • Socks
  • Pyjamas/bottoms x3 (harem style over the bump for extra comfort!)
  • Nursing tops x3
  • Coming home outfit
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes
  • Hoody (even though it’s bloody boiling in maternity wards)
  • Bath robe
  • Towel
  • Slippers
  • Flip flops (for the shower)


  • Maternity pads x10
  • Breast pads x10
  • Shower gel
  • Body lotion
  • Deodorant
  • Pregnacare after birth
  • BP medication
  • Nipple cream
  • Tooth brush
  • Toothpaste
  • Face cream
  • Hair comb
  • Crocodile hair clip (to stop my hair from getting wet in the shower)
  • Glasses
  • Contact lenses x3
  • Hair band
  • Anti bacterial hand gel
  • Carmex
  • Face wipes

Labour Aid:

  • Snacks (cereal bars, energy drinks, STRAWBERRY RIBENA!, nuts, crisps, mini cheddars, jelly babies)
  • Pic of Arj (my strength)
  • A scan picture (to remind me of why it’ll all be worth it)
  • Straws
  • Hot water bottle
  • Tens machine
  • Mini fan
  • C shaped pregnancy pillow

Make up (because I don’t want to look like shit even though that plan failed last time haha):

  • Handheld mirror
  • Concealer
  • Eyebrow brush and shadow
  • Lipstick
  • Mascara
  • Eye liner
  • Blusher and brush


  • Phone charger
  • Simran CD
  • Camera
  • Camcorder


  • Nappies
  • Vaseline
  • Water wipes
  • Coming home outfit
  • SMA starter kit (incase in unable to breastfeed or incase labour doesn’t go to plan like last time)
  • Baby grow x3
  • Vests x3
  • Hats x3
  • Pram suit
  • Bibs x3
  • Muslin x2
  • Blanket
  • Gift for Arjun from baby (we got a knitted red dinosaur) 


  • Toothbrush kit
  • 2 x boxers
  • Socks
  • Deodorant
  • T shirt
  • Change for car park
  • List of important contact numbers incase of emergency

Things I packed last time that I won’t be packing this time:

  • Rescue remedy pastilles
  • Oil for massage
  • Face spray
  • Disposable knickers (they were horrible)
  • Eye mask
  • Folding chair (I didn’t take this out of the car last time)
  • Birthing ball (they have it at the hospital)
  • Cotton wool (we’ll be using water wipes from birth)

Have I missed anything?!x



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  1. 3

    I found my Camelbak water bottle really helpful during my last trimester, delivery and even now. It’s a leakproof bottle with a rubber straw nozzle and it’s easy to use. Really handy for when you can’t get out of bed but really want a drink x

  2. 4

    Thank you for this! I’ll look in to it as I struggle to roll over at the moment for a midnight sip of water let alone during labour 😂

  3. 5

    😂 I feel your pain!

    It took me a few days to get used to it but I’m glad I kept using it because those last few weeks in bed were a struggle

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