My 1 Year Blog Anniversary! 

My 1 Year Blog Anniversary! 

Wow I can’t believe it’s been a year. I don’t remember my life without it to be honest but at the same time, I can’t believe I’m still doing it! 

I remember when I first started my blog, I spoke to my husband and sister Goov for ages debating whether I really should. I figured it would be good for me given I was struggling with baby brain so much (I still am!). My purpose for starting was to journal my thoughts and feelings and our journey. I wanted to be able to look back without the frustration of simply not remembering. I was often reduced to tears when someone would say “do you remember when Arjun did this?” And I’d have no recollection of what they were talking about. I wanted to capture all those memories so I could look back at any time. But I was scared. Really scared. I didn’t think anyone other than my mum (who accounts for about 75% of my page views!) would read it but I was scared about the reaction that the other 25% might have. Would I be able to handle it? 

Never in a million years did I think I’d get the response that I did. A year later and 1,850 Instagram followers, 1,050 Facebook followers and 1,250 Twitter followers after, the amount of personal messages I received on a weekly basis, I can’t even begin to express what an amazing journey it’s been. The mummies, daddies, parents to be, those that want to embark on the journey of parenthood, grandparents and even singletons without children that actually find my random ramblings even remotely interesting and relatable. 

I’m truly overwhelmed with the amount of love you guys have shown Arjun and I. My blog wouldn’t be what it is without our readers. I was reading over my first blog post today and it took me right back to the day I found out I was pregnant – I’m so glad I’ve given myself the gift of journaled memories to be able to relive all those beautiful times! 

Regularly I’ll bump in to someone that follows the blog and recognises us at the temple, at a shopping centre, a supermarket or a party. Thank you to all those people that have come up to us to introduce themselves and have given us such amazing feedback. If you ever do see us out and about, make sure you do come and say hi. 

Arjun is spotted often when we’re out and about – his crazy antics and signature curly hair have definitely made him a mini celebrity and it’s so sweet how much love he gets shown by people he’s never met before!

Opening up my life to the world was and is bloody scary, you never know what sort of response you’re going to get especially when you often delve in to slightly taboo subjects in my culture, but the one thing I’ve kept consistent throughout is to be true to myself. I have never dusted over or sugar coated what motherhood has been for me – the good times and the bad. It’s my little virtual space to express myself. In my first year I’ve managed to journal so much. My blog has encouraged me to push myself out of my comfort zone – by facing my fears and anxieties. It helped me to overcome my PND by writing about it and trying to challenge it. I’ve captured the highs and the lows and I always have this to look back on to remind myself of the journey I’ve been on.  

There have been times where I struggled to balance things at home and work with the blog. I didn’t anticipate how much time is required for blogging and how that would fit in to my life. There have been times where I’ve thought to pack it in and then I’ll receive a message from someone that reads the blog – and every time it’s been a really personal and heavy message. One that doesn’t let me stop because I’m reminded that for some crazy reason people have been able to relate and have taken comfort in my words. It was never about stats for new, if I’ve been able to help or give hope to even one person, then for me it’s been worth it. 

I didn’t think my blog would ever get noticed by anyone let alone the amazing companies I’ve had the opportunity to work with; The Gro CompanyQuorn, Party Bags and Supplies, UDI’s among some of them.  I’m so grateful to have been given the opportunity to work with such reputable brands. 

Never in a million years did I think I’d rank in the top 500 of the Tots100 out of over 8,000 bloggers. 

And of course my latest adventure; Baby Brain Memoirs enabled me and inspired me to launch Baby Brain Apparel, an online store (which I managed to get up and running by myself!) specialising in hand designed tees inspired by the daily antics of Arjun and handmade leggings by me. I would never have done that without the love and support of my readers. 


I’ve met some amazing people through blogging and I’m so thankful for it! Both readers and fellow bloggers. I especially noticed the blogger love when I started my linky and launched Baby Brain Apparel when I was totally blown away with how many fellow bloggers went out of their way to share the love. 

A big thank you to Rod at Modern Dad Pages  who helped me set my first ever linky up (#BabyBrainMonday), for your continued support on Baby Brain Apparel and the blog! A big thank you to other amazing blogging friends I’ve also met (to name a few!):  Mummy and the Bubbas, Battle Mum, Absolutely Prabulous, Eat, Write, Be, Cuddle Fairy, Blood Sugar Ecmo Magik,  Eat.Live.Love and The London Mum and all the other lovely blogging mummies and daddies for your support and inspiration through differing forms! 

The above may seem tiny to some but I feel like I’ve achieved so much in my first year of blogging. I can’t imagine my life without Baby Brain Memoirs and all that comes with it!

A huge thank you to my husband for being so damn patient with me – when I’m blogging on my phone or taking a gazillion pictures for blog purposes. 

A huge thank you to my parents, my sisters, family and best friends Amrit and Sav for always encouraging me and being by my side. To Neeru for all your support and help with my site – couldn’t have done it without your help. 

A big heartfelt thank you to my followers for sharing your journey with me too. For sharing your experiences and helping me to learn so much. Thank you for sharing your deepest sorrows, your heartbreaking stories and your happy ones too. I feel so honoured that you feel you can. I may not have met most of you, but I feel a connection with you. And knowing that you’ve taken time out to even compose your messages means so much. 

The hugest thank you to my baby boy Arjun for inspiring me daily and for letting this all happen! One day you’ll probably kill me for half the stuff I’ve shared! 

Ok ok enough of my Oscar awards acceptance speech! 

But seriously, thank you to everyone for all your love, support and blessings always! I look forward to the upcoming year and riding my journey of motherhood with you! 

To celebrate a year of Baby Brain Memoirs, I’m launching our limited edition #BabyBrain tee for all the fellow baby brain mummies out there! It will be available in the new year at £15, please message me for pre orders 🙂 I hope you love it! 

Big love to you all!xx



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    Modern Dad Pages

    Happy blogiversary Harps 🙂 I have followed you almost from the start and you are an amazing writer… Don’t ever give up! I look forward to many more amazing post in the years to come!

  2. 3

    Wow what a milestone! Congratulations and it’s fab to hear that you’ve achieved so much in such a short time. The clothes are fabulous btw!

  3. 4

    happy 1 year anniversary, I came accross your blog by accident really but have since followed it especially as reading about arjun makes me think of my little prince, thank you for inspiring me to make sure i write down the little things that may get forgotton xxx

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