My 30th Birthday – Part 2 & 3

My 30th Birthday – Part 2 & 3

Hello all! 

Hope you’re well and had a great weekend!:) 
I know my birthday was weeks ago but I thought I’d share what I’ve been up to since we got back from the Maldives

I celebrated with my family and my in laws at Blue Zenzer which is an Indian Italian fusion restaurant located on a golf course. It was the perfect place for the occasion – the atmosphere makes you feel uber chilled out combined with the hustle and bustle of a slightly fancy restaurant in London!

I had a really nice day celebrating my nearest and dearest. We had lunch and Arjun was passed around the table lapping up the attention. This was the first time that we had all gone out for a meal since Arjun’s been born. It’s crazy that it’s taken so long! Now that I have a baby, I feel like I have a real measure of how quick time passes. 


The food was yummy – my favourite is the chilli cheese garlic bread and spicy mogo. Arjun enjoyed his pizza and a few chips. 


When it came to cutting my cake, Arjun decided to get stuck right in and pulled off all the chocolate sticks before I even realised what he was about to do! He then decided to chomp on one – his first taste of chocolate and totally out of my control! No surprises – he really liked it! 


After our lovely lunch and catching up, we decided to play golf. We headed to the driving range and everyone got involved. This is something I really love about my own family and my in laws – everyone is fun and up for anything! The boys took it pretty seriously whilst the mums and us girls had more fun laughing at each other. I was pretty impressed with the mummies – they were able to at least hit the ball unlike me(!). Arjun even got involved! He found it really funny every time someone was able to smack a ball. 


All in all, I had such a lovely day with the people that matter the most – family. 

Part 3 of my birthday was a surprise day out with my sisters and best friend, Amrit. I knew we were going out and was told to dress “nice” – whatever that means, but I didn’t know where we were going. Considering I mainly live in my trackies and hoody at home (Tom boy at heart), it was actually a nice change to get dressed up though my feet would tell you otherwise this morning! 

I got ready and was picked up and we drove in to central London. Our first stop was afternoon tea at The Dorchester. My initial reaction as I walked through the lobby was “wow”! The decor is absolutely stunning! The hotel reception and the afternoon tea area is adorned with huge marble pillars, breathtaking floral arrangements and gorgeous Victorian style mirrors – it’s all gorgeously grand and right up my street. I loved it. 


The Promenade

The staff were exceptionally lovely and all so welcoming. 

Once seated and settled, I went for The Dorchester brand English breakfast tea (because I’m proper exciting!) which was delicious though Harv’s hot chocolate looked pretty tempting too! The sandwiches were really yummy – my favourite was the mango chutney and cheese one. Not something I’d normally go for either. They catered for vegetarians really well. The caramel and chocolate wafer cupcake was my favourite sweet thing followed by a hazelnut mousse type cake and the scones! The staff also brought out a chocolate cake to mark my birthday which was really yummy too. 


All in all, I’d really recommend afternoon tea here, we had a lovely afternoon and it’s by far one of the best teas I’ve been to. We had a lovely relaxed afternoon whilst catching up. It was so pretty. 

After The Dorchester, we went to browse some make up and food (two of some of my favourite things!) at Harrods. I picked up some marmalade, Chanel eyeliner and chocolate! 

After Harrods we headed to part 2 of the day – we drove to Coco Nail Bar in Notting Hill. I loved the idea! It’s basically what it says on the tin – somewhere where you can get your nails done and have a drink too! A nail-bar!

I went for a paraffin wax manicure as I’d never had one before. The ladies at the bar were so accommodating to ensure we had a good time – they even suggested rearranging the seating so Amrit and I could face each other while talking haha. We all had a great time getting our nails done whilst sipping on mocktails. I went for the colour “cute as a button” by Essie. 

I’d highly recommend the paraffin manicure – it really helped restore moisture in my hands which were pretty dry as I suffer from eczema sometimes and have been since coming back from the Maldives – I think I need to emigrate, it’s too cold for my hands here!  

The Coco Nail Bar is a really nice place to go for some girl time. They can also arrange for hen parties. On a Tuesday morning they accommodate for mums with babies if given enough notice, they arrange for a nanny to come in while you get your nails done. 

After getting our nails done we decided to grab some dinner as we were really hungry by this point. We all fancied a burger so we went to GBK before returning home to be greeted by my little monkey. 


Arjun and I had cuddles in bed before I put him to sleep – It was the perfect end to a perfect day with my lovely sisters and bestie who have been by my side through my highs and my lows. I felt totally spoilt and so blessed. 


I’ve had a fabulous 30th celebrating with my nearest and dearest – I feel super blessed but now with June officially here, it’s time to get my skates on for Arjun’s big day!x


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