My Baby Sprinkle

My Baby Sprinkle

I’m fortunate enough to have two sisters who decided to host a mini baby sprinkle for me. I had a big one when pregnant with Arjun with all my friends and family but this time something lower key was an excuse to relax for the day. 
Last year: 

Knowing exactly what I’m like and knowing how hectic life has been recently, they decided to host a PJ party at my parents house. It was just what I needed with just a few close friends and lots of yummy food. I had a fun filled afternoon catching up with some of my closest.

They went for a yellow and grey colour scheme which I absolutely loved! They used paper lanterns and pom poms, bunting and my sister made a homemade sign (she’s a pro and makes all our signs!).

The dress code was pyjamas – blue/pink depending on what my friends believe I’m having this time. As you can see, a majority are team pink! I made myself and Arjun our signature baby brain blue cloud leggings and matching PJ tops.

My gorgeous cake was made by the lovely Tranam at Rozay Cakes – she never ceases to amaze me with her beautiful creations. I loved the little bunting and clouds that her and Goov designed together.

The favours were little teacups with a nutella cupcake made by SugarBakes – my favorite cupcakes ever!

There was lots of delicious food including my mums yummy tandoori paneer, Subway sandwich platters, lots of M&S afternoon tea bits and samosas obviously (I’m obsessed!). My favourite was the mini chocolate fountain, yum!

The twins hosted a whole range of fun filled games which included:

  • Windy Washing Line: a chaotic game where each person competes to hang as many clothes up on a washing line with windy weather, a baby in tow and a ringing telephone!
  • Feed the Baby Blindfolded: where one person feeds another person a whole pouch whilst blindfolded! – Thank goodness we covered the carpets! Haha!
  • Pin the Dummy on the Baby

All in all, I had such a fun filled day. It was just what I needed to make for a relaxed day with my closest girlfriends! 

Forever grateful to my sisters for all their efforts and for always showering me with so much love – it was a perfect day!   x

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