My Daily Make Up Routine

My Daily Make Up Routine

Hello all,

A few people have asked about the products I use on my face and what my daily make up routine is.  So here goes!

Face scrub: I’m actually quite terrible with maintaining my face since having Arjun, not that I was ever an excessive user of products or nor did I ever have a strict regimented routine! But you know what I mean! When I remember to, I use a daily face scrub by Simple.  I definitely notice the difference, my skin feels a lot smoother. It’s cheap and cheerful and it works for me!


Moisturiser: Again, I don’t use anything particularly fancy.  I use a light daily moisturiser by Simple.  I feel like a lighter moisturiser allows my skin to breath. My skin naturally gets dry around my nose and mouth during winter.  I try and drink at least 1.5 litres of water daily, I feel like this helps keep my skin hydrated. I usually apply this as soon as I jump out of the shower while I dry.


My daily make up routine usually takes anywhere between 2 minutes – 5 minutes depending on what I go for.  It consists of the following:


My bare face:


Primer: I use the Olay Firm & Lift primer and apply using a beauty blender by gliding across my face. I apply this as soon as my moisturiser has set and while I get dressed.  If I plan on wearing foundation, I apply all over my face.  If I don’t, I only apply beneath my eyes.


Foundation: Once the primer has set and I’m dressed, I begin applying my make up. I use Micabella mineral foundation when I decide to use foundation.  To be honest, most days I don’t apply it just because I’m too lazy to! But I’ve been using Micabella since I first began wearing make up (just before I got married!).  It’s totally breathable and feels really light on my skin and ha a flawless finish.  It sits really well and looks very natural and I often get complimented on my skin. I use MF 5 Cappuccino.

There’s always that debate between what goes first – concealer or foundation. I’ve always applied light foundation first around my chin and jaw line and forehead before concealer. 



The staff are really friendly and even offer to mix colours to get the right tone for your skin.  Its £45 a pot but it does last a while and it’s definitely worth it. I apply the foundation with a Micabella foundation brush in a circular motion and apply it all over my face and neck but not beneath my eyes where I apply concealer.

Eyebrows: This is the first thing I do after applying foundation (if I’ve applied it)/primer.  I have a real huge insecurity about my eyebrows which is a huge deal for me to even talk about.  When I had my car accident, I fractured my skull.  My head split open in between my eyebrows and just missed my eye (thankfully).


When I was stitched up, unfortunately they weren’t able to align my eyebrows quite right.  I have had corrective surgery as I lost some of the nerves just above my right eyebrow (feels really tingly there especially when I get my eyebrows done!) and they’ve only started to reform and feel “normal” this last year.

Two corrective surgeries, an eyebrow lift and lots of tears later, I still don’t have perfectly aligned eyebrows.  This is probably one of my biggest insecurities – I shade in my eyebrows daily even if I’m not leaving the house because it makes me feel better.

I start by combing my eyebrows using a Real Techniques Brow Groomer.  The one I have has a brush and a comb. I use an eyeshadow (“Mystery” by Mac) and an angled brush to fill my brows in.  I start at the ends and work my way in. I sometimes use the brush from the Techniques comb to blend in the shadow once applied.

Concealer: I use the Mac Studio Finish concealer NW35 which I apply underneath my eyes sparingly by dabbing using a beauty blender. I really like this concealer, although quite heavy, I find the coverage is really good.



On top, I apply a little Maybelline FITme! Concealer in a lighter shade to act as a highlighter.  I need something to cover the evidence of my sleep deprivation! I use number 20, again sparingly. It’s important to dab and not glide when applying concealer, I find this helps with reducing creases.

The beauty blender is fab – its soft compared to a normal make up sponge and the shape of it helps to get in to every little space on your face.   I always pat a little concealer using the beauty blender that I’ve applied the concealer with on my eyelids just to brighten them up a little.


Concealer is my biggest face uplift. It makes such a huge difference to brighten up my face.
Strangely enough I don’t cover up my car accident scar, it’s a part of me and I’ve learnt to accept it and embrace it. It’s a reminder of my strength and what I’ve been through every single day when I look in the mirror. 
Translucent powder: Once I’ve applied my concealer, I always apply translucent powder to set it before it begins to crease.  At this point I only apply it to the areas that I’ve applied concealer.  I use Supercover translucent powder and use a big buff brush to softly apply it.  to be honest I haven’t tried any other translucent powders as I’ve been pretty happy with this one but would be happy to hear recommendations!


Eyeliner: I used to swear by the Écriture De Chanel by Chanel pen eyeliner previously and to be honest I still do.  But at £27, when I was randomly stopped by a Clinique rep at our local Debenhams to try out their new Pretty Easy Liquid Eyeliner Pen, at what seemed like a bargain price of £19, it seemed worth a shot.  I was pleasantly surprised, I absolutely LOVE this eyeliner.  It’s a combination of a liquid eyeliner and a pen eyeliner.  The pen is a lot easier to glide and apply over the eyeline and the consistency of the liquid is smooth.  I’ve had it for almost 3 months now and it hasn’t dried out at all.  I’ll be replenishing my stock before going on holiday.


I sometimes use bottom eyeliner instead of top, or I do both if I fancy it.  I use Maybelline Master Kajal which is super easy to use. I always use translucent powder to set bottom eyeliner as I have that horrible problem of running liner beneath due to watery eyes!


Left eye has no kohl, right eye has kohl for comparison:


Mascara: I’m yet to find an amazing day wear mascara. I don’t have the darkest, longest or ample supply of lashes so a good mascara is something I’m always on the hunt for.  I use Younique mascara for party wear as it lengthens my lashes and mimics the look of light false lashes.  On a daily basis I use L’oreal Volume Million Lashes.  It does the trick!


Blusher: My favourite day way blusher is definitely Frost by Mac.  It has a deep undertone which helps accentuate my cheekbones without the need for a separate contour. I have super chubby cheeks, so breaking up my face helps! I use a Mac blusher brush to apply this. I set the blusher using translucent powder.





Lips:  My favourite daywear lipsticks are the following Mac ones:

  • Faux
  • Jubilee
  • Modesty
  • Velvet Teddy


I’m definitely a nude shades kinda gal. I prep my lips using good ol Carmex (cherry flavour hehe).  I use Dervish by Mac as a lip liner for all of the above lipsticks.




What are your favourite beauty products?x



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