My First Mother’s Day!

My First Mother’s Day!

Hello all!

Hope you had a super special Mother’s Day! I’m still walking on air since yesterday – I had the best day ever. It was a pretty simple day but it was just perfect! I got to spend time with all the people that matter!

We had decided to take Arjun to Singh Sabha Gurdwara (Sikh temple) on Sunday morning at 4am for Simran (a form of meditation repeating God’s name on the harmonium) as a surprise for my mum and because I wanted to start the day off there. My mum goes everyday (for the last 30 years!) at 4am and I knew it would be the perfect Mother’s Day gift for her to have her grandson there for the first time. I also really wanted Arjun to meet all the lovely people that had gifted him so much when he was born but had never met.

We managed to wake up and get dressed quickly. And Arjun pretty much slept through the getting ready part. When we arrived at the Gurdwara he was awake.  

I always find the Gurdwara so calm and tranquil. Especially at that time. The lights are dimmed and there’s a really special atmosphere. Arjun was so calm and chilled listening to the Simran. I was apprehensive about how he’d be when we got there but he seemed to really enjoy it. He sat there for the 20 minutes that we were inside the main hall peacefully until it finished.

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We went to surprise my mummy who was sat on the stage and so didn’t see us. She was over the moon to see Arjun there and was so overwhelmed. She took him around to see all her buddies like the proud Naniji that she is. He received so many blessings from everyone there and it was nice that he was finally able to meet them all.


Arjun then met his little buddy Ekaras – such a cutie, and they sat together with their grandmas whilst eating. Arjun loved eating pronta first thing in the morning (he’s a foodie!) whilst playing with his big bro.


I felt so elated going to Simran. It set the right tone for Mother’s Day. I wanted to say thank you to God for his countless blessings that he has bestowed on us – the greatest one being that of motherhood. I felt so calm, happy and positive. 

 We got home at about 6am and all went back to sleep. It was the best sleep ever! We all woke up at about the same time around 9.30am which is a rarity for us! Everyone woke up refreshed – Arjun was in good spirits and it was his babbling we could hear from his room that alerted us that he was awake. I lay in bed listening to it for a while before getting up. I just want to cherish every moment and every little thing he does because I know it won’t last forever. Soon he’ll be talking and the babbles will be a distant memory. I’m going to miss it 🙁 I just felt eternally grateful for everything and Mother’s Day just gave me a little time to reflect on that. 

 I went to wake Arjun and my little monster welcomed me with lots of smiles and giggles. It’s like he knew it was Mother’s Day!

We all then chilled in our bed for a while whilst Arjun entertained us. I received my first ever Mother’s Day card from my baby himself and I received a “me and my mummy” photo frame which was perfect as I have no pictures of us printed around the house yet!

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After a little while, Preetam and Arjun went downstairs to muster something up in the kitchen whilst I had a little lay down and absorbed where I am in life right now. I felt so content. 

 The smell of something delicious prompted me to get up and go downstairs. I was welcomed by a delicious savoury crepe. Considering Preetam doesn’t really cook, he really does surprise me sometimes! I had a cheese, spinach, spring onion, tomato and green chilli crepe. It was DELICIOUS! For brunch dessert I had my favourite – Nutella crepe! Arjun also had a cheese crepe and banana crepe made by daddy. He loved his as much as I loved mine!

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After we’d eaten, I thought it would be nice to watch a movie together. We live such hectic lives that we rarely get to spend quality time together as a family and using Mother’s Day as an excuse meant I could command that time! I wasn’t going to lose out on that opportunity. 

 We decided to watch a movie in bed – we went with “This is 40”. It’s such a funny film and we chuckled watching bits of it because it resonated with us and we’re only 30!! Haha! Arjun fell asleep in our arms during the film and I shortly followed after watching most of it – I’m so terrible when it comes to watching movies!


Post nap, it was time to get ready for afternoon tea at Stoke Place with our families. I was so excited that I got to have some family time, just us 3, but was also getting to spend time with our parents and siblings too that day.

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Cheeky selfie before we set off!

Stoke Place is set on beautiful grounds with lots of greenery and a lovely little lake. It’s very scenic and a nice change from the busy roads we’re used to.

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Arjun was quite grizzly at Stoke and wasn’t really up for sitting quietly and enjoying a cosy afternoon tea. He was happiest when looking out the window!

 The afternoon tea was yummy – my first experience of trying chocolate scones! Scones are my favourite thing and I got to enjoy one (or two) but didn’t get much further than that on the dessert front as the sugar rush soon halted my efforts of eating any more!  The staff had made Arjun his own cheese and tomato sandwiches and he had a sneaky taste of my scone too.

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It was really nice spending time with the whole family. We don’t often get to do it with the just hustle and bustle of our lives but it was good to take a break from all that and catch up. Mother’s Day was just an excuse to do it.  Arjun’s so close to his family especially his masis who are like his second mummies so it meant a lot to be able to spend a part of the day with them too. We missed my sister in law and brother in law as they are currently holidaying in Morocco for her 30th birthday.

The grandmas were more interested in their grandson than their children haha. Arjun gave them their gifts – handmade cards (I’m a sucker for crafts as you’ve probably gathered!) and a photo book of some pictures from our holiday to Dubai for dadiji, and a food blender for naniji (she’d asked for it!) as well as surprising her at Simran.

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Poor quality but the only family picture we got 🙁

After the tea, Arjun’s chacha (uncle) took him outside for a walk on the grounds. They stumbled upon a ball and Arjun found it the most hilarious thing when Indy kicked the ball. I often wonder what runs through a baby’s head and how they process things. It’s so cute!


When we got home, we ordered a Thai take out and vegged out on the sofa with our little bear. It was the perfect way to end my perfect day!


Preetam took full charge of all nappy changes and feeding all day (until the evening) which was a nice break too!

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I know Mother’s Day is just a commercial day but it felt nice to be made a fuss over and to spend time with all the people that really matter. 

 Our life is so chaotic on a day to day basis that yesterday made me realise we really need to start investing more time in our family to have more days like those x 

 What did you get up to?xx


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    Thanks Hun! I wish everyday was the same as how we spent Mother’s Day! I definitely felt the early start later on in the day but it was worth it! How was yours?x

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    Hey Lavinia, welcome to my page! Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a lovely day! How was yours? Will come visit your blog this evening! 🙂 x

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