My Golden Little Nuggets! .. My Favourite Cheap and Cheerful Multi Use Baby Essentials!

My Golden Little Nuggets! .. My Favourite Cheap and Cheerful Multi Use Baby Essentials!

Hello All,

Hope you’re keeping well! I’ve been meaning to post the below for a while, but been so busy over the festive period!
I wanted to share my top three favourite baby items.  All were cheap and cheerful and oh so useful and can be used for multiple things!


My three favourite baby items at the moment are the following.  All were cheap and cheerful and oh so useful and can be used for multiple things.
Flexi Basket
From: Poundland
Price: £1
These baskets are so useful for so many baby things! I’ve listed some below:
  • Potty bits: I keep a little change kit downstairs to save me having to run up to the change table every time Arjun needs a nappy change.  I keep a few nappies, nappy bags, wipes and some nappy cream in a flexi basket.  It’s especially useful as it’s small and can be tucked away in the living room.
  • Our room toy bits: Arjun has toys all over the house and before our room floor would be littered with them! We now keep all his little toys for our room in a little flexi basket helping to keep it a little tidier.
  • Night time feed basket:  When we were still giving Arjun milk at night, I used a basket to keep his bottles, formula dispensers, cooled sterile water and a small thermos with hot water in for night feeds.  This saved me having to go down each time.
  • Medicine basket:  I keep all his medicines in one of these baskets so it’s easily accessible and so that I can easily see what we have.
  • Small items laundry basket: For his socks and vests.
At this price, you really can’t go wrong! I’m going to be getting some more over the next few days to organise Arjun’s food cupboard 🙂
No Mess Floor Mat
From: Poundland
Price: £1
Here are links to some other designs, I found the Mickey Mouse and an alternative Monkey design one in store:
These mats are my absolute favourite! They can be used for so many things!  We have several of the Mickey Mouse ones and I’ve recently purchased a few of the Monkey ones too.
  • Craft mat: whenever Arjun and I do arty farty bits, I use this mat to ensure paint and glue doesn’t reach the floor.  It’s so quick and easy to clean up.
  • Weaning mat: I have two of these mats to place under his highchair when we are doing messy eating so the floor doesn’t get stained – he isn’t able to throw too far just yet! It’s quick and easy to wipe down after any messy spills.
  • Change mat: these are great as a portable change mat.  I have also purchased some for my parents and in laws house as they take up a lot less room than the standard change mat.
Toy Links
From: Amazon
Price: £5.99 for 13 links
Link: Toy links
These toy rings are absolutely brilliant! I used to struggle when Arjun first started sitting in a high chair when out.  He’d manage to drop his toys on to the floor (the thought of his toys falling in a restaurant floor sends an OCD mum crazy!) so a friend recommended me to buy some of these (thanks Fiona!).
They can be used for the following:
  • Fasten toys to high chair: especially in public places! So Arjun is free to play with his toys and drop them without them touching the ground.  Saves me having to bend down every five minutes too!
  • Extend toys from play gym: I also would have found these useful when Arjun was very young and unable to reach his play gym toys to bring them lower down.
All in all a great buy!
I’d love to hear what your current favourite bits and pieces are!
I hope you found this useful.
Thanks for reading 🙂 x

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