My In-flight Tips for Parents with a Baby!

My In-flight Tips for Parents with a Baby!

IMG_5353With just a few days to go till we set off for our second holiday with Arjun, I thought I’d share some of our in flight tips when dealing with a baby!

  • Use sound reducing headphones on your baby for take off and landing – we use our Bose ones.
  • Give baby Calpol half hour before the flight to help manage ear popping pain.
  • Feed baby a bottle of milk on take off and landing – the sucking motion helps un-pop their ears.
  • Take spare food just incase you don’t get early check in – it makes the situation a whole lot easier to deal with when you’re tired from a flight! Of course this depends on the time of your arrival.
  • Take a blanket that smells like home – the comforting smell of home helps baby fall asleep easier.
  • Take a surprise toy so they are entertained.
  • Download some of their favourite shows on to your phone/iPad so they can watch a little during the flight.
  • Keep them in comfy clothes – we always stick to baby grows for flights.
  • Take extra milk with you just incase!



Arjun watching an episode of Henry Hugglemonster on Daddy’s phone


Arjun “reading” his favourite book


In filght mummy baby cuddles x

These things worked wonders on our first holiday with Arjun – here’s to hoping they work this time too!

Let me know if you have any others?

Thanks x


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    I like the idea of the surprise toy! I’m going to take a long-haul flight with my baby this month and am pretty freaked out. Great tips here, thank-you!

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