Mother’s Day Top Tip eBook

Mother’s Day Top Tip eBook

I was recently contacted by Adam to share a top Mother’s Day health tip to be featured in a Mother’s Day eBook as part of a campaign alongside SHEilds. Super exciting as this is my first contribution to a published eBook!


I had to think long and hard and aside from the obvious ones, my top tip undoubtedly would be to “cherish every moment as nothing lasts forever”. Anytime I feel stressed by a tough day with Arjun, I remember that to keep myself cool, calm and collected (most of the time anyway!).


Equally, I’m a person that really struggles with change and letting go – something that’s not great for maintaining health either. My own advice is true of the happier times too. Now, regardless of what I’m doing – be it sewing, be it cooking, be it blogging, I pause if Arjun calls for me – be it to grab my hand to play lego, be it for a cuddle or to go outside – I know even those things won’t last forever and I want to cherish every single moment to fill my heart with happy and wholesome memories!


You can download the full Mother’s Day eBook here for free!


What’s your top Mother’s Day tip?


Wishing all you supermummies and those daddies playing the role of both parents, a very Happy Mother’s Day! x





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