My Pregnancy After a C Section So Far … | Pregnancy

My Pregnancy After a C Section So Far … | Pregnancy

Never ever did I even think about what pregnancy after a c section would be like. I thought about the type of labour I’d prefer second time around but not the pregnancy itself and whether my method of delivery would impact that. I really wish I had been a bit more mentally prepared. 

This isn’t a post to scare you at all, everyone’s experience of labour and pregnancy is very different. This is just to share my experience – something I’ve always honestly done through my blog. 

Unfortunately for me, I never really fully recovered from my first c section. I’m pretty sure since I had my car accident, my body has decided to slow down massively on me! 
I have so many friends who have bounced back pretty quick from a c section and have had ok subsequent pregnancies, this is just my story. And for those of you that know me, my life is never plain sailing (#dramaqueen)! Haha! 

Till I fell pregnant, I had tenderness externally on my keloid c section scar from when I delivered Arjun. It wasn’t unbearable though, just uncomfortable. At almost 20 weeks pregnant, the last month in particular has become increasingly difficult and I’m feeling pretty anxious about the next few months given I’m going to get even bigger! 

It all started off with what felt like mild painful contractions. I put it down to Braxton Hicks even though it was too early and Braxton Hicks aren’t normally painful. However by the end of the week, I felt I was in full swing labour as I was in excruciating pain. At only 16 weeks, it was pretty scary. After a fractured skull and an emergency c section after an 84 hour labour, my pain threshold is pretty high. I ended up in A&E twice that week as the pain was unbearable. It was in my lower abdomen and was a dull prolonged pain. 

I’m writing this from my hospital bed – I was admitted two days ago as the pain was unbearable and had spread to my kidney area. It was so painful that I was vomiting and feeling so unwell – the doctors were concerned. It’s scary being pregnant – you have no idea what’s going on inside you and when you’re responsible for a-whole-nother life, it’s terrifying. The normal aches and pains I’ve been quite blasé to being my second pregnancy and (sort of) knowing what is normal. Having unfamiliar aches and pains is never pleasant. 

The doctors were absolutely brilliant taking extra care given my pre existing medical conditions such as hypertension. After having various tests to to check my chest, heart, kidneys and bladder, they found I have an infection lurking somewhere in my body. The IV antibiotics over the last few days helped with kidney pain but didn’t help with the abdomen pain. It seems more than likely my internal c section scar tissue is leaving me in agony. I pray and hope as time passes the pain will also ease as its difficult to sleep or carry on as normal when it kicks in so can be quite disruptive to our day to day life. For the moment, I am on controlled regular strong pain relief and have been ordered to rest – something I’m quite rubbish at! 

Of course knowing that I may have been faced with such discomfort post my c section wouldn’t have really changed anything given I didn’t have a choice with Arjun’s birth but it just would’ve been good to be a bit better equipped for it mentally this time instead of being sent in to a panic. 

Although it hasn’t been working this last week, prior to that I’ve found the following helped me manage the pain: 

  • Being physically in tune with my body, e.g. recognising when I’m tired and slowing down, helps
  • Not lifting heavy, helps. Unfortunately with a toddler in tow, it’s difficult!
  • Wearing maternity over the bump trousers and knickers definitely helps so that no pressure is applied to my lower abdomen and therefore my internal scar
  • Placing a pillow behind my lower back when the pain started sometimes worked 

It really does make me question my labour this time around if I’m given the choice. Where I was swinging for a planned section this time, I’m not so sure anymore! 

I am so grateful for the care I’ve received at Hillingdon Hospital – they have been absolutely brilliant so far as they were with my first pregnancy. As much as I dislike being in hospital and away from Arjun, my silver linings have been: 

  • I get to eat my favourite hospital breakfast (tea, toast with butter and jam!) 

  • I get to rest. I mean properly rest. 
  • I get around the clock care for when I’m in agony. I get to blog when I feel like it while my life is on pause and I’m feeling up to it. Will hopefully get around to editing some of my unedited blog posts! 
  • I get to be around the kindest and warmest midwives. 
  • TLC from my best boy – Arjun with his kisses and asking “mummy much better now?”

  • I get to take a break from everything. Including my phone (ironic as I’m using it to type this)
  • I get to eat what I want (except I have no real appetite!) 
  • I get to lounge in my FAVE New Look maternity pyjamas!

    What’s not so great is being surrounded by labouring women, admiring them and absolutely sh*tting myself!! How am I going to do it?!

    Have you had a similar experience after a c section? Any thoughts, advice and experiences would be very welcomed x


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