OMG I’m A MAD Blog Awards “Best Pre School Blog” Finalist & What A Journey It’s Been! Here’s How To Vote For Us To Win!

OMG I’m A MAD Blog Awards “Best Pre School Blog” Finalist & What A Journey It’s Been! Here’s How To Vote For Us To Win!

Hi everyone,


Wow oh wow! I am so overwhelmed and so shocked! Out of over 8,000 amazing bloggers, I have been shortlisted as one of just SIX (6?! Out of a whole 8,000!) finalists in the Best Pre School Blog category for the Mum & Dad (MAD) Awards 2016! It still hasn’t quite hit me!


If you’ve enjoyed my blog content, and would like to skip straight to voting, then here’s how: 
1) Go to  MAD Blog Awards Voting

2) Enter your name and email address

3) Select Baby Brain Memoirs from the drop down for Best Preschool Blog category (third one down) 

4) Scroll down and hit submit 


When I first started blogging, never in my wildest dreams did I even consider awards, I didn’t even think anyone would read my random ramblings let alone be recognised for an AWARD! And then get interviewed by the BBC, appear in Get West London, get a mention on Desi Radio and appear in the Uxbridge Gazette! 


I initially started my blog (as the name may state) because of my poor memory. Baby brain is no myth! Things were changing on a daily basis and everything seemed like a big blur – it still does to be honest. I wanted to start a blog for myself, as a keepsake, a diary, a journal for me and my baby. Something to document our memories, my feelings, and my emotions. Something I could read back on and feel nostalgic. Something that Arjun will probably cringe at when he’s older! Haha!


I struggled with Post Natal Depression (PND) in my early days, glimpses of it still appear today. I struggled with my confidence, with not feeling what I perceived a mother should feel. I have found the biggest outcome of my blog has been the therapy it has provided me to overcome so many hurdles and face so many challenges. The people I have met through the blog have become a part of my life – my blogging family and many of my followers that have reached out to me have filled me with the support and encouragement to want to try and tackle my “issues” head on.


I’ve received so many messages from blog followers on how my experiences have helped them. I didn’t think my blog posts would ever get read, and even when I write today, I try and write for myself and zone out that thousands of people a month read my blog. That thought alone is so overwhelming. Every single message I have received means so much to me. Knowing that people have taken comfort in my words, however rubbish or great I may have been feeling that day, is a feeling that I can’t describe. I’ve been told my writing style is raw, real and honest but I also seek silver linings and come across as approachable and considerate. I hope so.


My blogs not always all serious and deep! I’ve been able to document some pretty hilarious and fun stuff too. Like Arjun’s tantrums, his first birthday party – the biggest I’ve ever planned!, and also our travelling adventures and how each and every flight and destination has offered us with such differing experiences. My little jet setting bambino has travelled to Dubai (twice), Singapore, Bali, Maldives and Abu Dhabi!


I’ve been lucky enough to have worked with some amazing brands including Quorn, The Gro Company , Younique and UDI’s. An opportunity that I never would have imagined.


Being a Brit-Asian mum often means that certain topics are left hidden behind closed doors. I’ve delved in to some of those topics in what I hope has been a respectful manner. I did receive the odd comment about “why do you need to tell the world that”. My response was “why not”? I’m so glad I did, because I’ve received hundreds of messages of support and encouragement and have also given comfort to others in a similar situation especially where I’ve touched upon taboo topics in the Asian culture on real issues such as things like PND – aired, perhaps considered a sign of weakness. I want to normalise such topics and bring awareness – having the help and support to get through things like PND can make or break you and it’s important to talk. Just knowing you are not alone can often provide a huge sense of relief.


I’ve taken my readers on my journey of wanting to educate Arjun on Sikhism – to teach him the fundamental teachings of sharing, working hard and remembering God and remaining humble always. Basically being a good human being! He’s developed his own quirkly relationship with God and it’s melted the hearts of many.


Having posted a few of Arjun’s meals on Instagram and Facebook, I received a flood of messages asking me to share recipes. Many other vegetarian mummies out there sought something a little different. I’m not very creative in the kitchen but this forced me to get thinking about our vegetarian weaning journey. I’ve shared many vegetarian baby food recipes such as cheese and onion eggless quiche and eggless vegetable muffins as well as general recipes too including my yummy chilli paneer, and a to die for Nutella cookie dough to name a few!


Most of all, people from all around the world have fallen in love with Arjy’s antics through the blog, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube. He’s helped me become a stronger person, better myself and has helped me to become the best mummy I possibly can be to him. I’m still learning but having him hold my hand through every step of the way has made me stronger and stronger. Each tiny hurdle is a huge achievement for me.


I’ve surpassed my own expectations with my blog and I’m super proud of it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing!


As well as being a Finance Manager by trade and spending much of my “free” time blogging, Baby Brain Memoirs also led to the start of my mummypreneurship by launching Baby Brain Apparel. I realised quite quickly that many of Arjun’s quirky antics were relatable to many mums and with this was born my quirky hand designed tees with slogans such as “Milk Drunk” “Food Thief” and “Sleep Fighter”! I also hand make baby and mummy leggings in fun and vibrant fabrics. I often get asked how on earth I manage to juggle everything – the answer in short is, I haven’t got a clue!


As you’ve probably gathered, my blog is a lot deeper than what it may first appear. It’s helped me overcome and try and deal with so many issues and has enabled me to help others along the way, I still have a long way to go! I love blogging, it’s a passion. Being a MAD Blog Awards Finalist is mind boggling and so overwhelming – I’m so grateful! It would be an absolute honour to win! I’m so excited for you to continue my journey with me!


If you’ve enjoyed my blog content, then we’d be grateful for your continued support by voting for us to win the “Best Pre School Blog” category in the MAD Blog Awards, it takes 30 seconds to vote! 🙂 : VOTE HERE


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Thank you thank you thank you! x


Harps & Arjy x

Domesticated Momster


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    Trista, Domesticated Momster

    Congratulations!!! What a huge accomplishment! In which you deserve every bit! I wish they had a huge blogging awards ceremony here in the US. Crazy how behind we can be. Thank you for sharing the news with #momsterslink and good luck to you!

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